Mercedes-Benz surprises with newcomer T-class

Mercedes-Benz announces a new model: the T-class. With this, the brand focuses on families who are looking for a practical and spacious car. A real MPV.

At the beginning of this century, the MPV was pre-eminently the type of car for (larger) families. Today, the segment is dying after death in Europe. Success numbers like the Volkswagen Touran, Opel Zafira and Ford S-Max (and Galaxy) have (almost) been canceled and the focus has shifted to crossovers. However, Mercedes-Benz is still looking forward to it and even has a newcomer from the ground who, they say, jumps into families looking for a new MPV-like. Because that will be the T-class; a spacious car for families or other groups of people.

Currently, in the form of the V-class (and also the B-class in a sense), Mercedes offers her the most similar to an MPV car, although that is mainly a delivery van in passenger form. The T-class is also based on a delivery van, but still seems to shift a bit more to an MPV. It is a car that will be included in the V-class range. Not entirely surprising when you consider that the T-class will share its basis with the new Citan. The T-Class has sliding doors on both sides for access to the second (and third) row of seats. The shadowy teaser image shows that the car gets a fresh Mercedes nose and a line pattern that should limit the ‘van feeling’ as much as possible. Maybe in the end it will be no more than a personal version of the Citan, but we like to be surprised.

We still have to be patient. The car will appear on the market in the first half of 2022, according to Mercedes. We do not expect the unveiling until next year. At least we already know one thing: there will also be an electric version!

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