Mercedes E-Class Long makes the S-Class superfluous

Mercedes E-Class Long

Why would you choose a short S-Class when you can drive a Mercedes E-Class Long for less?

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has recently been unveiled. It’s probably one of the best cars in the world again. We can say that with a probability bordering on certainty, because the previous S-Class was also one of them. And to think that the previous S-Class was secretly a generation older than it appeared.

Mercedes E-Class Long

One of the reasons for choosing an S-Class is the generous amount of space. It is a very pleasant car to stay in, also in the back seat. So if you are often driven (and not because you have been arrested again), this Mercedes E-Class Long (V213) might be a good alternative.

Mercedes E-Class Long

Larger wheelbase

The car is exactly what its name implies: one longer E-Class. The wheelbase of this Mercedes grew by 14 centimeters compared to the ‘short’ model. The total length is 5.05 meters. Recently, a length of more than five meters was only reserved for cars like the S-Class.

Red and gray

Even longer

There was already a long version of the pre-facelift model, but this post-facelift model is even longer, 2.2 centimeters to be precise. Furthermore, the facelifted Mercedes E-Class long gets the same changes as the short variant. So a new front with a rounder grille and smaller headlights.

  • Mercedes E-Class Long
  • Mercedes E-Class Long
  • Mercedes E-Class Long
  • Mercedes E-Class Long

At the rear we see flat and wide headlights. Hopefully aspiring E-Class drivers will be inspired by this car to configure a nice combination, because the dark red with beige interior looks beautiful.


Mercedes E-Class Long Not for Europe

The Mercedes E-Class Long is being built by BBAC, which stands for Beijing Benz Automotive Co., a Daimler joint venture in China. This immediately brings us the bad news: the car is not coming to Europe. The well-to-do Europeans who are tall will have to work harder and keep saving for a short S-Class.


  1. mashell says

    By not simply extending the rear door, but by placing an extra window, the car gets a Maybach appearance.

  2. arias says

    The E class is also delivered for a long time in India. Strangely enough I saw him quite often in India, it will sell well there.


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