Mercedes EQS with 700 km range can now be reserved

Mercedes EQS is already available for pre-order

Mercedes offers early risers interested in the EQS the opportunity to pre-pay a small deposit.

Mercedes’ electric flagship EQS has yet to be revealed. Nevertheless, we can already form a nice picture, thanks to the Vision EQS, the prototypes and the information that Mercedes has already released. So there will undoubtedly be customers who think: I must have one.

For customers who are just as progressive as the EQS (in the words of Mercedes), the brand has already opened the reservations for the top-class EV. For an amount of € 1,500 you can reserve one of the first copies of the Mercedes EQC. We can expect those first copies in the second half of the year.

Mercedes Vision EQS

The information we already have about the EQS sounds very promising. The range will be, for example, 700 km. That is considerably more than the EQC, which has to do with a range of 411. Of course we are talking about a different price range. Mercedes also gives an indication of the charging speed: 250 kilometers in 15 minutes.

While the S-class is still quite conservatively designed, the designers were allowed to go a little more loose with the EQS. The electric sedan is therefore given a coupé-like shape with a short nose. The EQE will take a similar shape. If an EQS is just a bit too expensive, you can still wait for it.

Mercedes is also going to do things differently in the interior. The EQS is given a so-called ‘Hyperscreen’. This means that the entire dashboard is optically one large screen. In reality they are three screens – a set of instruments, a central screen and a screen for the passengers – that flow seamlessly into each other.

Those who are already convinced of the qualities of the Mercedes EQS can make a reservation in advance, via the Mercedes website.

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  1. mashell says

    Ahh, I see that you have already paid € 1500 when booking, then there is still € 135000 open. Do you want to pay by debit card, credit card or cash?
    That reservation with a deposit of a car that you have not yet been able to test drive is actually a very strange concept, it suits a poor manufacturer like Tesla once was, but not at Mercedes (and no longer at Tesla) and we really have to agree now. from.

    • hare says

      @mashell: Push the lease price bye.

  2. guy says

    Done. Last week already by the way (via dealer)

  3. Breinstein says

    Will undoubtedly be the best in its class. It is that I cannot afford it, otherwise I would leave that 1500 euros at the dealer with a smile.

  4. Charles Taycan 4S says

    Idd very special to make a down payment for a car that you can not even see properly. In addition, never buy a car from the first series, wait a year first, let them crystallize out the teething problems first.

    • tourbillion says

      @Charles Taycan 4S: Porsche did the same with the Taycan, was 5k in the Netherlands.

        • tourbillion says

          @Charles Taycan 4S: At my reservation nothing was known about the price and versions. The reservation was therefore without obligation, I could always cancel. You did not have to order immediately, but a production place was already reserved and you could wait until you had made a test ride if you wanted to.

        • rulefollower says

          FR, help me a little.

    • mp014 says

      @Charles Taycan 4S: how many series of Taycan have you bought?

  5. peanut king says

    I am getting very curious about this. Also which I find cooler after a few years (when they have matured a bit): the current S-class or this EQS. When the novelty is off I would still think the conventional S-class

  6. tjorque says

    IT IS NOT A SUV !!! 1!

    There is still hope 🙂


    • RR Robert says

      @tjorque: agree! Now the EQE in both sedan and station wagon form then I’m definitely on.


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