“Mercedes stays in Formula 1”

Says none other than Toto Wolff.

Both around Hamilton and around Mercedes the rumors were not from the air. Is Lewis talking to Ferrari? Will Mercedes leave Formula 1? Toto Wolff wants to get rid of some of these rumors.

The team boss is negotiating with Hamilton this month, he reports Auto und Motor Sport. The two have hardly had any contact in recent months. They have seen each other often enough during the busy F1 season. Toto and Lewis spoke only during the Christmas meeting and via Whatsapp. The team boss refers rumors about earlier contract negotiations to the realm of fables.

Although Mercedes and Hamilton are of course a winning combination, Toto clearly shows that they are not tied together:

As a driver of his level, Lewis always has options. The same applies to us. As long as we build a fast car, we will always be in a situation where we can select drivers.

Wolff does not want to hold Hamilton at all costs. He had already shown this in various statements. This does not mean that the two do not get along well.

Toto also contradicts rumors that Mercedes will stay in Formula 1 after 2020. He says that the team “with certainty” will also remain active in 2021. According to him, it remains useful for Mercedes to remain active in Formula 1.

Via: Auto und Motor Sport


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  1. Edge says

    Was to be expected of course. Yesterday there was a press release that the F1 team has signed a multi-year sponsor contract with chip giant (and former Ferrari sponsor) AMD. Of course you do not enter into a multi-year contract if you give up after a year.

  2. str8six says

    Hopefully they will be defeated by lesser gods. Would be good for the sport.

  3. cloverleaf says

    Below the line it also costs them (almost) nothing. So why should they. Super exposure for the brand! I doubt that they have the drivers for sorting out. Max and Charles have already signed and the rest of the young ones have to show it. Lewis has a very strong negotiating position …

  4. Edge says

    @Cloverleaf: No, it depends on how you look at it. Hamilton is of course a giant and could become record champion at Mercedes. Mercedes will undoubtedly like it when Lewis Hamilton matches or breaks the Schumacher record at their racing stable.

    On the other hand, it is of course true that Mercedes has been so strong in recent years … As long as there is no Hamilton, Leclerc or Verstappen in the other car, guests such as Bottas, Ricciardo, Magnussen and Perez also become champions with Mercedes. In addition, Mercedes has another asset in its possession: Vettel. The idea of ​​a German competing with Mercedes for the championship is of course also very attractive for such a brand.

    And then? Then Lewis can try to get a seat next to Leclerc, or he is at the mercy of a team like McLaren or Renault. They cannot give him a championship car in the short term, nor do they have the budget to pay him the tens of millions per year. It is therefore very important to Hamilton to stay with Mercedes, where he is the absolute number 1 and the team is practically working for him.

  5. fastshifter says

    Oops, you always have to be careful with statements like that. Just like the trainer is not fired …

  6. supertjeduc says

    With every sport it is true that when a certain age is reached that the performance decreases
    Why would that be different with Hamilton than with Rossi, for example
    So Mercedes is not going to give him a 5-year contract
    It’s not that popular now either
    Hear the same cheers in the stands in the rare case that he catches up
    Also no stands full of gray ‘t shirts (unlike Ferrari and Max)

  7. berlinetta says

    I’d like it better if they stay. Mercedes is a very big team in F1 and it would be a blow to F1 if they decide to leave. It is not in my eyes that the F1 is doing well. The sport has enough problems. Then it is better if a few major car brands continue to participate.

  8. HZW says

    Yes, Mercedes remains in F1, that has been clear for some time.
    certainly as an engine supplier to Racing Point, Williams and Mclaren.
    Because that yields money, the factory team costs a lot of money, so that is certainly almost the end of the story.

    • Shenkie says

      @HZW: and yet they make (a small) profit every year with their factory team


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