Mini imitates itself with the Cooper 1499 GT

Front view of the Mini Cooper 1499 GT

Mini showed the Cooper 1499 GT, a car that looks suspiciously like another Mini.

Car manufacturers do it more often; the release of one heritage edition. They are often special cars that you think back to with melancholy, where you hope that the car manufacturer has managed to put a piece of that magic into the new car. Think of this Audi RS6 Tribute Edition.

Back of the Mini Cooper 1499 GT

Mini Cooper 1499 GT

Mini now wants to do the same trick with the Cooper 1499 GT. The car looks nice in itself. The exterior color is Midnight Black Metallic, with a black grille, door handles and headlight trim. What makes this car unique is the gold 1499 GT strip that runs between the wheels on the side of the car. This Mini also has the John Cooper Works styling package, with bumpers, side skirts and split levelspoiler. Things that are normally only for the John Cooper Works-Mini. The rims are 17 ”Track Spoke Black wheels.

Inside, the sporty theme returns, with JCW sports seats, steering wheel and black details all around. Under the hood is the 1.5 liter three-cylinder, good for 134 hp and 220 Nm. This allows the car to reach 97 km / h in 7.5 seconds and a top speed of 209 km / h.

Side of the Mini Cooper 1499 GT

Mini itself says it wants to pay tribute to the Mini 1275 GT by car. This was a sporty Mini from the late 60s. But here’s where the story gets a little strange. It is not the first time that Mini pays tribute to that 1275 GT. They did the same just three years ago, with the Mini 1499 GT. A special edition which a little less special is therefore.

Admittedly, that was the previous generation, but at first glance the two Minis seem practically the same. You do get more horsepower with the new Mini and you could still choose the color white with the old one. Oh, the biggest difference: the position of the handlebars. The old Mini 1499 GT was only designated for the British market, where 1499 units were delivered. In that respect, the new 1499 GT is a lot more exclusive, with 150 units. Although the chances are small that you will ever see them, they all go to the United States. There, the Mini 1499 GT costs $ 27,890.

The Mini Cooper 1275 GT


  1. Esprit_de_Flandre says

    Strange that they only make 150 of them, while they made 1499 of the previous ones …

  2. atrak says

    On a car with so little power, the smallest rims always work much better.

  3. maferick74 says

    1499? That must be the number of horsepower… okay it is not 1750, but put it here in the driveway.

  4. snuff says

    Even selling only 150 units in America will not be easy with a 3-burner.


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