‘Mini’ Moke returns to the market

An old acquaintance returns to the market: the Mini Moke is revived. However, the new Moke is not tied to the current Mini, nor is it joining any major trend in the retro car industry.

For almost 30 years, the Moke was one of the nicest derivatives of the (Austin) Mini. The adventurous open car showed many similarities with the regular Mini in terms of appearance and technology and also came from the drawing board of the same designer, Alec Issigonis. It was of course not as successful as the regular Mini, but the Moke (English for Donkey) became a true cult car. Tens of thousands of copies rolled off the band from the early 60s to the early 90s and various celebrities owned (and have) a Moke.

Apparently people see it again, because in the United Kingdom Moke was created as a separate brand. The ‘new’ brand is completely separate from the contemporary Mini. The CEO, Isobel Dando, has previously worked as an International Sales Manager at BMW Group and as Head of Sales and Commercial Director at Rolls-Royce. An experienced lady, who will now be at the helm of her ‘own’ brand. Moke is proud to share the first images of the reborn icon, which resembles the original more than just in appearance.

Technology and price

Moke is not only aesthetically pleasing the revival of old times, because the small nose of the Moke also houses a petrol engine. Yes, unlike many people, electrification is simply omitted when reproducing a classic. It is said that the Moke is built on the basis of the old drawings, although certain things have been modernized. For example, the suspension has been tackled, there are better brakes and there is a choice of both a manual and a four-speed automatic. The engine is a 1,083 cc four-cylinder (now with injection!) That delivers 68 hp. That should bring the Moke to a top speed of 109 km / h, with an average consumption of about 1 in 15.

Moke has the official trademark rights and can therefore start production of the new old car. Production will take place in the UK, where the Moke will initially also be exclusively available. From around € 22,000 (including local taxes), the British can receive a brand new Moke. For the time being it is still a production limited to only 56 pieces, but we suspect that more will follow if there is enough enthusiasm!

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