Missile strike enlivens Formula E in Saudi Arabia

Formula E missile attack

In Saudi Arabia they go very far to put Formula E in the spotlights. The circus was startled by a rocket attack.

Formula E doesn’t fill all our editorial hearts with fire. It just remains a bit crazy, those vacuum cleaners chasing between billboards on an almost deserted track. Only progressives like @willeme can really do something with that. Having said that, it is undeniable that quite a few remarkable things happened this weekend during the first Formula E weekend of the year.

Gas lingers

Firstly, there was a tough Dutch success to note. Nyck de Vries impressively dominated the first part of the weekend. He also won the first race. For the second race, Nyck also had the best papers, but a bizarre crash by Eduardo Mortara indirectly threw a spanner in the works. The Swiss shot straight into the barriers, after it seemed as if his electric ‘gas’ got stuck.

Mortara’s Venturi team runs a Mercedes powertrain, and due to uncertainty about the cause of the crash, Mercedes initially withdrew all of its cars. In the end, de Vries was still able to start in the race, but of course no longer from a good starting position. Don’t worry though, because our other compatriot in the class, Robin Frijns, immediately took pole for race two. So we literally win everything this year. Unparalleled opulence.

Formula E startled by Missile Attack

In that second race Frijns was secretly not the winner, but second. Alex Lynn imitated a Webber Valencia 2012 in the race. De Vries still managed to boost his point score from the tail end of the field. With that, Nyck and Robin are now respectively first and third in the championship. But the real story of the weekend was the rocket attack that took place during all the festivities.

Rebels with Formula E as their target

According to the Saudi army honcho Turki al-Malki, it was an attack by Yemeni Houthi rebels, he reports with Al Jazeera. These rebels also reportedly confirmed the attack themselves. It concerned a missile towards Riyadh and several drones with bombs towards other cities in Saudi Arabia. The target of the missile attack could have been Formula E, among other things. That is in any case obvious, given the timing of the attack.


Fortunately, there were no serious consequences, because Saudi Arabia is well-equipped with a Patriot air defense system of the Americans. Social media shows how this system takes the missile out of the air before it can do its destructive work. No one was injured, although some were Nyck Debris debris and damaged houses.

Video of Patriot Missile interception over #Riyadh, #KSA in the last 15 minutes. Unknown target at the moment. pic.twitter.com/Fga2oSZWrI

– Aurora Intel (@AuroraIntel) February 27, 2021

Oh well, at least it is something different from a fireworks show after the race. Have you already ordered tickets for the upcoming F1 race in Saudi Arabia?

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  1. mashell says

    Electric cars and rockets … All fingers point to Elon Musk.



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