Mister with cap wins M2 CS in a very short time


Everyone wants to win a BMW M2 CS, right? This gentleman with a cap did it in a very, very short time.

The BMW M2 CS is perhaps the nicest car of the moment. The car does almost everything well. The engine produces 450 hp and those forces all go to the rear wheels. Speaking of the wheels, they are extra light. Anyhow, BMW evvntjes with the cheese slicer visited to reduce the weight slightly. It is not ‘GTS’ or ‘CSL’, but is right in between.

M2 CS = fun package

Furthermore, the M2 CS is fast, but not too fast that you could no longer use it. Yes, a little chipped M8 has 700 hp, but you so much with it. Even the always critical @Wouter had to admit that it is a very tasty fun package.


Price M2 CS

The biggest drawback to the BMW M2 CS is actually its price: 138,217 euros. That’s the only thing getting in the way of the car from being a great success. Now you can do a few things to get around that. Stealing is a possibility, but extremely unsympathetic. You can also buy an M2 or M2 Competition to get started with modifications yourself. Or you do what the French Fabio Quartararo did: he won a BMW M2 CS!


Fabio Quartararo

If you don’t know him, we will introduce him to you. Fabio Quartararo is considered an absolute top talent in the MotoGP class. That’s the racing series where editor-in-chief @michaelras don’t want to miss a minute. See the MotoGP series as a kind of Formula 1 for motorcycles, but with tension and struggle, although Marc Márquez has of course been quite dominant in the sport in recent years. Think of him a bit like Hamilton (Márquez also has six titles) and Quartararo as the new challenger, Charles Leclerc.



This year’s MotoGP season was absolutely delicious. There were no fewer than nine different race winners and there is a chance of a tenth. This afternoon the GP of Portugal will be held at Portimão. It no longer matters for the final score, Joan Mir is champion. He only won one GP this year (of Europe in Valencia), but scored many second and third places, while the other riders were more volatile.

BMW M Award

Back to Fabio Quartararo. In addition to the constructors’ championship and the driver’s title, there is also a qualifying championship. This one is not very official, but keeps BMW. At the end, the one who qualifies best will receive the coveted M Award. The nicest part is therefore the BMW M2 CS, in this case one in the blue. Oftel: Misano Blue. Missed opportunity, because BMW has the color Portimaõ blue on sale. In any case: watch this afternoon!


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Mister with cap wins M2 CS in a very short time

Everyone wants to win a BMW M2 CS, right? This gentleman with a cap did it in a very, very short time. The BMW...

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