Mitsubishi is considering staying in Europe anyway

There may still be a future for Mitsubishi in Europe

Isn’t this Eclipse Cross the last new Mitsubishi we will see in Europe?

About seven years ago Mitsubishi was still doing excellent business with the Outlander PHEV, but that party could of course not last. After the Outlander was no longer fiscally interesting, sales fell again as quickly as they had increased. Also in the rest of Europe Mitsubishi can no longer break pots, with a market share of 1%. That is why the Japanese took a drastic decision last year: we are turning our backs on Europe.

Obviously, that doesn’t happen overnight. Mitsubishi will start to stop introducing new models in Europe. That means that the facelift of the Eclipse Cross unveiled last year would be the last. The current range in the Netherlands consists of four other models: the Space Star, ASX, Outlander PHEV and L200. A fairly outdated range. There is a new Outlander, but it has already passed us by.

In 2022, Mitsubishi wants to put an end to sales in Europe. Or not…? The Financial Times has spoken to men in raincoats and reports that this decision may be reversed. According to the British newspaper, Mitsubishi could produce the European models in factories of partner Renault. That way there would still be a future for the Japanese brand in Europe.

According to the newspaper’s sources, a preliminary agreement would have been reached yesterday. So the bullet has not yet passed the church. The decision would be taken on Thursday. The deal is still far from final, because insiders say there would be some friction between the Japanese on the one hand and the French on the other. If one thing is clear at the moment, it is that the future of Mitsubishi is still highly uncertain.

Through: Autocar

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  1. base race says

    Please go … I will not miss them at all, just like Daihatsu and Daewoo / Chevrolet …

  2. Johanneke says

    I’ve been missing Mitsubishi for about 15 years. The last colt is a very good car in its class, the space star and carisma were (except for the gdi versions) fine and reliable cars for the average man / woman. Also available with fine Renault diesel without the electrical problems that a Renault car had. The Galant 7 (1993) and Galant 8 (1997) were very nice cars for their time. The lancer evo is a terribly capable cannon. The Space Wagon is a very nice driving 7-seater. the 1st outlander was great when introduced in the late 90’s.
    Looking at the entire engine range of Mitsubishi: the 1.8 gdi was a very weak engine, but otherwise, all top quality 16 valves. The 4g18, 4g93, and of course the 4g63. All optionally with or without turbo.

    It was a beautiful brand. But please stop floundering and quit. Mitsubishi is a huge Zaibatsu, take a loss, sell the car branch. You should have done your best for the last 15 years.

  3. realhustler says

    Mitsubishi is a wonderful brand, which does much more than build cars. Sometimes not so noticeable, but they make almost everything from missiles and fighter jets to toilets to air conditioners and elevators. And in the meantime also ships and engines and forklifts etc etc.
    Idd I miss the cars a bit too, for years. Iconic in the past, now very little choice.


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