Model year update for Honda CR-V

Honda is implementing a minor model year update on the CR-V in Europe. Small is perhaps an understatement in this case. The differences are hardly noticeable optically. Still, the microscopic cropping session has potentially major consequences.

The model year update that Honda is implementing on the CR-V in Europe is, if possible, even less involved than the small refinement round that Honda’s CR-V underwent in the United States at the end of last year. Anyone who had counted on the arrival of new bumpers will be disappointed in Europe. The European CR-V does benefit optically from the arrival of new light metal. In addition, the CR-V Hybrid will now receive the e-HEV label on its tailgate, under which the brand previously included the hybrid version of the latest Jazz.

Incidentally, something interesting is going on with the CR-V Hybrid. In the United Kingdom, the CR-V Hybrid will soon be the only engine version. This may soon also apply to the rest of the European and therefore also to the Dutch market. Techzle is still awaiting a response from the Dutch importer. That would mean that the 173 hp (2WD) and 193 hp (AWD) strong blown petrol engines with 1.5 liter capacity disappear from the price list. In any case, the CR-V Hybrid remains itself and that means: a 184 hp and 315 Nm strong powertrain with the petrol engine being a 2.0 four-cylinder. The CR-V Hybrid is also available with both front and all-wheel drive.

Honda CR-V 2021

Honda CR-V

Honda says it has sharpened the suspension of the CR-V and also promises that the steering has been improved through adjustments. Also noteworthy is the inductive charger for telephones in some versions. In the interior, Honda applies new aluminum-colored accents.

Information for the Dutch market will follow soon.

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