New McLaren P1 becomes a PHEV again

mclaren P1 '14

Yes, the new McLaren P1 will also be a PHEV. That’s okay. The old McLaren P1 already was.

Time really flies by. Somehow you have in mind that the McLaren P1 is still quite decent modern hypercar is. Not only in appearance and specifications. The car is also still fresh in the memory. Or so the undersigned thought.


The P1 Concept was introduced at the Paris Salon in 2012. The XP7 prototype was already driving around a few months later and the first units were delivered in September 2013. Production ceased in 2015. Yes, the McLaren P1 has been out of production for almost five years.

Concept '12
The 2012 concept model

Mike Flewitt

In short, it is high time for a successor. McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt does AutoCar open a booklet about the new McLaren P1. It is more or less certain that the car will arrive. According to Flewitt, it is more doubtful which form of electrification is used. It will be a plug-in hybrid or a fully electric car. Flewitt openly admits being a fan of electric cars. They respond immediately, they are refined and very fast. But according to Flewitt, the technique isn’t ready yet.

XP7 prototype
The XP7 prototype from 2013


As an example he mentions the 765LT, a car that many customers walk on the track. You don’t want to pop for half an hour and then (no, have to) charge for the rest of the day. In any case, Flewitt believes that McLaren should focus more on fun than absolute performance. The super strong and super fast Lotus Evija and Pininfarina Battista let McLaren for what it is.

McLaren P1 '13
Production model from 2013

Bite off

McLaren insiders say the new top McLaren will kick things off for a new generation of McLarens. It would be a four-wheel drive hypercar, with the front axle powered by an electric motor and a V6 driving the rear wheels. Yes, a V6. The V6 is kind of a stopover. It is true that only an electric motor could be used, but the weight is far too high to deliver a properly steering car. We can expect the new McLaren P1 in 2024.

McLaren P1 MSO '15
MSO version from 2015


  1. kingdante says

    Already!! Must first drive the “old” one more time.


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