New McLaren Sport Series already on display

McLaren will soon release a successor to the 540, 570 and 600 in the ‘Sports Series’. The car hasn’t been officially unveiled yet, but it’s no secret that the Woking sports car maker is working on it. From patent drawings that have recently appeared, we can already more or less see what the final design will look like.

The patent drawings clearly show that this is a McLaren. Some of the styling elements of the current Sport Series models, such as the roofline and the shape of the windows, remain more or less the same. Seen from the front, the new Sport Series is somewhat like the Senna, especially when it comes to the shape and placement of the headlights. Seen from behind, it looks a bit more like the McLaren GT. The high-mounted tailpipes are similar to those of the 720S. Yet the Sport Series model does not look like a mixed bag. He is clearly recognizable as a brand new McLaren, with his own characteristics.

The latest generation of the Sports Series will almost certainly be on a new platform focused on hybrid powertrains. The taped prototype that was previously spotted seems to be quite similar to the patent drawings. The placement of the exhausts and the contours of the diffuser and front bumper are almost identical. It is not yet known which drive this super-hybrid will get. There is probably a (double) blown V6 behind the driver. That would be a significant change in trend, because from the MP4-12C all modern McLarens are equipped with a V8. We expect to see more of this model in 2021.

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