New Mercedes-AMG E53 receives virtual racing instructor

You will never again deviate from the ideal line with the new Mercedes-AMG E53

This morning we were introduced to the completely renewed Mercedes-Benz E-Class. It was not a rigorous facelift, but you can certainly see the changes. Germans often work more subtly. We also have the images of the Mercedes-AMG E53 for you.

Not subtle

Which subtle does not apply to the Mercedes-AMG E53 4Matic anyway. The E53 is an intermediate step between the E450 4Matic and E63 4Matic. In terms of technology, the E53 leans on the E450, but in terms of appearance and badges, it is reminiscent of the E63. Both the E53 Sedan and E53 Estate have been revealed. You immediately see what a little configuration can already do with a car. The Selenite gray sedan with black wheels is a tad flaw, the Cavesaniet blue Estate looks just fine. But hey: tastes can differ.


The new performance E-Class has a new front with the Panamericana AMG grille in A-design and narrower LED headlights. This makes the nose look a lot wider. The rear is also well-designed and equipped with two-part rear lights, a new rear bumper and a new diffuser insert. The rear bumper of the Mercedes-AMG E53 is again equipped with round double exhaust trims. Just like with the facelift of the E-Class, power domes are used, with the AMG there are even two elevations on the hood.


The infotainment of the Mercedes-AMG E53 is shown on large displays that are connected to each other. A new AMG Performance steering wheel with 3 rounded double spokes has integrated control panels and two round AMG keys for the driving programs. The new MBUX infotainment system is equipped with AMG-specific functions which can optionally be controlled with gestures. In the AMG menu you can find things like engine data, warm-up, a G-force meter and race timer.

Track Pace

The Track Pace system of the Mercedes-AMG E53 records more than 80 vehicle data when driving on the circuit. Even better: round and sector times can also be recorded. The ideal line of the circuit is projected via an (optional) head-up display. A virtual instructor aboard the new E53.

270 km / h

To make driving on the circuit even more fun, the Mercedes-AMG E53 is equipped with a 3.0 engine with turbo with electric compressor. This is good for 435 hp and 520 Nm of torque. EQ Boost (48V) can add another 22 hp and 250 Nm. New for the AMG E53 is also the higher (limited) top speed of 270 km / h. You have to pay for it, otherwise you can’t go faster than 250 km / h. 2.5 times the maximum speed in the Netherlands. Fortunately, you can go very fast to 100 km / h. The E53 takes 4.4 seconds, the E53 Estate needs a tenth more.

Everything dynamic

To ensure that everything also works well on the road, there are various driving systems with various “driving modes”. With AMG Dynamic Select you can set your favorite driving program (no, not Blik op de Weg). There is also “AMG Performance 4Matic +” (the four-wheel drive system) and AMG Dynamic Plus with, among other things, a drift mode! In short, if you want a big E-Class, you actually want the E63 (which still has to be revealed), but rationally the E53 is completely good.

Mercedes-AMG E53


  1. griffendahl says

    And RS6 rims are now standard?

  2. Dutch drifting says

    Send me the blue combination from this article! Perfectly composed. Totally wow.

  3. str8six says

    Nice handlebar

  4. Edge says

    @Redaction: Could you make those small images clickable?

    • willeme says

      @edge: but of course! If all goes well, it works now! Thanks!

      • bitd says

        @willeme: sometimes works on iphone, sometimes not. Not in this case.

      • bitd says

        @willeme: with Porsche Turbo article it is

    • kendi says

      @Edge: and a size bigger. Thanks in advance

  5. lowlow says

    Overall improvement, information needs to get used …
    Have they finally mounted a touchscreen because that is not entirely clear

    • blackberry says

      @lowlow: the new mercedesses have touchscreen in addition to steering wheel controls and mousepad.

  6. blackberry says

    Round exhausts! 😍

  7. denx says

    Nice color blue … almost sheik

  8. pier says

    Practice the sedan has not improved in terms of rear. The blue estate on the photos is really good.


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