New on Videoland: best series and films of January


Fans of Dutch-language series and films will benefit greatly from Videoland. After a free trial period of two weeks, you can take out a subscription from € 4.99 per month. What fresh films and series can you expect in January. This is new on Videoland.

SWAT (season 1 & 2)

For January, there are as yet few series planned at Videoland. Only the first two seasons of SWAT will be online, although that will only happen on January 28. The series is based in part on the original 1975 SWAT series. Sergeant Daniel Harrelson (aka Hondo) is promoted to lead a special forces unit in Los Angeles. The SWAT team faces all kinds of challenges in this bustling city, with agents hunting down drug dealers and bombers, among others. Born and raised in LA, Daniel is extra motivated to fight local crime. Sometimes the main character ends up in an emotional conflict. Will he manage to stay loyal to his beloved city without dropping his colleagues?

Buy Without Watching America

With Buying Without Watching, RTL 4 has had a straight audience hit. This TV program often helps young couples to (finally) succeed in the overheated housing market. There is only one condition, as they sign a purchase contract without knowing which house has been bought. Usually the real estate agent buys a refurbishment house, after which a construction engineer and his team are allowed to enjoy themselves with the remaining budget. Fan of the program and seen all episodes? Good news, because there is also an American version. The first season of Buy Without Watching America can be seen from January 10. By the way, fans of Buying Without Watching can already admire Australia on Videoland.

Django Unchained

On January 22, a real Quentin Tarantino production will be released on Videoland in the name of Django Unchained. Incidentally, the film is not intended for the faint of heart, because it contains brutal violence. Django Unchained addresses a sensitive theme. This American Western delves into the slavery past of the southern states in the mid-nineteenth century. Slave Django comes into the hands of the German bounty hunter Schultz. The two have a remarkable appointment. Django is released when he helps Schutz catch a number of criminals. Will the German manage to earn his coveted bounties with the help of Django? Greats such as Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCrapio and Samuel L. Jackson will participate.

Everyone was talking about it: Corona Special

Everyone talked about it: Corona Special can be seen at Videoland from 2 January. In this TV program presenter Art Rooijakkers looks back on the outbreak of the corona pandemic in the spring of 2020. The broadcast zooms in on the first lockdown of last March. Four people who directly experienced the consequences of the corona measures are central in this one-off special. On the basis of personal conversations and vlogs you follow closely a funeral director, IC nurse, expectant mother and elderly man (with demented partner). On Sunday, January 3, the TV program can also be seen on RTL 4 at 10.15 pm.

Captain Philips

Captain Philips tells a true story from 2009, where an American container ship was hijacked by Somali pirates. At the beginning, the crew members manage to keep the small motor boat at bay with the help of water cannons, but eventually four armed men still enter the deck. Captain Richard Philips is taken hostage by Muse, the leader of the pirates. Unfortunately, Muse turns out not to be such a good captain, which puts the entire crew at risk. This is followed by a madman’s journey to life and death. In this nail-biting film there is a glorious lead role for Tom Hanks. Captain Philips can be seen from January 29.


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