New Skoda Octavia RS has 245 hp

More efficient and faster thanks to hybrid technology

Sketch Skoda Octavia RS iV

Sketch Skoda Octavia RS iV

The new Skoda Octavia RS receives hybrid support. The top version of the new Octavia will be presented at the Geneva motor show next month.

With 245 hp the new Skoda Octavia RS has exactly the same power as the outgoing model. But because part of the power is supplied by an electric motor, the performance will still be considerably better. Not only the sporting performance, but also the consumption and CO2 emissions. The Octavia RS iV can be charged with a plug and drive completely electrically over a distance of about 50 kilometers. Skoda does not yet announce any further figures, we will have to wait a while for the unveiling.

Skoda does already release sketches of the Octavia RS iV, both of the hatchback and the Combi. It shows that the model is dressed with the familiar, sporty elements, such as large alloy wheels, spoilers, skirts, large air intakes and black accents. The LED bar at the bottom of the rear bumper is striking, in addition to the regular rear lights.

On March 3, when the Geneva Motor Show starts, Skoda presents the new Octavia RS iV.

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