Every week you can read a column by John Vanderaart on the PC-Active website. This time about how nice it is that not everything is for the iPhone. Read last week’s column here.

Once every few years I ‘may’ buy new hearing aids from my health insurer. This year it was time! And apparently I’m not the only person with a hearing problem, because you have to book more than three months in advance if you want to be received by a hearing care professional at all. That hearing care professional is now my regular hearing care professional, which is a good sign anyway. Also a good sign is the state of his memory: “Ah, Mr. Vanderaart. You’re not from the iPhone, are you? Still not?” No. And again no. I’m from Android after all. That would limit the brand choice, with the good news that my favorite brand can handle Android just fine these days. Which, by the way, was about time! Until not too long ago, hearing aids failed when it came to connectivity. Yes, the hearing aids could still be operated with their own – expensive – accessories, but of course that makes no sense if you have a modern smartphone! After which the choice for the hearing aids was made very quickly. But then: “The color!” Hearing aids used to be brown and that was it. Now I can choose from various fashionable colors, which makes it a lot more difficult. I chose Silver Gray because it looks better with my beard. Is indeed unadulterated vanity…

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It’s not that bad nowadays… And also suitable for Android.