Organic water: that’s what makes mineral water so special

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Have you ever heard of organic water? Read here if that makes sense, what seals are there and what you should know about this type of mineral water.

This is how mineral water is created

So that you can understand what is special about organic water, you should know the origin of mineral water:

  • Mineral water is basically rainwater that has seeped into the ground. Over time, it is cleaned of several layers of rock, adding minerals. It is drawn from natural or built sources before being bottled.
  • According to the Mineral and table water regulation However, natural mineral water does not have to be 100% pure, it must not be harmful to humans and must be free from pathogens. In Germany, mineral water is therefore subject to regular controls: water should not be contaminated and may have maximum values ​​for certain substances such as mercury or nitrate do not exceed.

Bio water: these are the origins

The Federal Court of Justice approved the designation "bio water".
The Federal Court of Justice approved the designation “bio water”.
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Unlike other foods, there is for water no EU ecological regulation. This means that there is no government regulation as to when water can be described as “eco” or “bio”.

According to Stiftung Warentest it was the Bavarian brewery Neumarkter Lammsbräu that sold a mineral water type in its range for the first time in Germany as “biocrystal” mineral water. That was in 2009.

After complaining, the Federal Court of Justice however, the term “organic water”. The reason: buyers of mineral water would not expect that mineral water would be subject to legal requirements. Water could then be called organic water if more stringent requirements apply to organic water. These requirements are:

  • Organic water has no additives and is untreated.
  • Organic water is below the maximum value for mineral water in residues and pollutants.

Bio water: the question of the seal

Organic mineral water is the seal for lamb brew and other brands.
Organic mineral water is the seal for lamb brew and other brands.
(Photo: Screenshot / Qualitätsgemeinschaft Biomineralwasser eV)

According to Consumer advice center Hamburg but there is still now no state organic victoriesl for mineral water. Along with that exist no uniform criteriafrom when mineral water can be declared as “organic water”.

The mineral water companies themselves looked for solutions:

  • According to FAZ the Bavarian brewery Lammsbräu has the association Quality Association Bio Mineral Water eV initiated. This association has defined 50 criteria that water must meet in order to be organic water. In addition to the “Bio Crystal” lamb brewer, there are now many other brand varieties.
  • Hassia mineral water, for example, also has a loud effect Eco test back to an organic seal of quality, namely from SGS Fresenius. In addition to the characteristics required in the judgment of the Federal Court of Justice, this also promises ecological and social sustainability of the product.

Critics want that

  • Öko-Test warns that the same mineral water can be sold more expensive with an organic sail and once cheaper without an organic seal. This has disadvantages for consumers.
  • In addition, it can be assumed that many other mineral waters are basically organic water, but are not labeled as such.

Critics of bio-water, such as the Hamburg Consumer Center, would like one state uniform seal.

That is our conclusion

State labeling can help to compare organic water better.
State labeling can help to compare organic water better.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Studio-Fritz)
  • Organic water is mineral water of special quality. In some cases, it can demonstrate transparently that it is sustainable and that it is subject to clear controls for maximum limits. This can help customers find their way in the jungle of mineral water orientate. Because especially with baby food and certain diseases, organic water could be a safe alternative.
  • However, we also believe that one uniform labeling for “bio-water” with clear government guidelines would make sense. This helps with shopping, in order to be able to weigh the different mineral waters sensibly and transparently with one another. And not only in terms of content, but also whether the mineral water comes from the region.

Tip: Are you looking for an alternative to mineral water and do not have to pay attention to certain mineral limits for health reasons? That too tap water in Germany is subject to strict and regular controls. Tap water is also a sustainable alternative to purchased mineral water in plastic bottles.


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