Our boys get big, homegrown diesel quads

our boys diesel quads

Our boys (m / f) will soon be able to search for roadside bombs in Verweggistan on these crazy squads.

In the army! Look, you can of course go for a boring office job, but if you are looking for some adventure, a job with the army is of course much more exciting. Traveling around the world and collecting surcharges for foreign service, nothing wrong with that. The only disadvantage of joining the Dutch army is of course that you are a plaything of Dutch politics. So if some terrorist shoots you, you have to submit forms in triplicate before you can use your wad shooter yourself.

Anyway, fortunately it usually doesn’t come that far and you are mainly busy crawling through the woods while saying ‘BIEM!’ calls to disguise the lack of ammunition and off-roading a bit. Basically every day is a bachelor party, only without the nightly entertainment. And without the melancholy you feel because you see one of your mates make the mistake of his life.

Our boys (m / f) can now look forward to new ones toys. Defense has announced that the Ordered 249 diesel quads (MDQ). The new units can be transported both in and under a Chinook helicopter. That’s practical for ground troops.

The new vehicle was initially intended for Dutch performances special operation forces in mission areas. But Defense has now expanded the user group. 11 Airmobile Brigade, the Korps Commandotroepen and the Marine Corps will also receive the MDQ. The quads are built by the company Defenture BV and are designed to military specifications. However, I still wouldn’t want to ride an IED with it …


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