Porsche 911 GTS Targa caught

The Porsche 911 will of course also come again as GTS and the brand will immediately take all variants with it. That also means that there will be a Targa and we see it driving past for the first time.

With the arrival of the Turbo, Turbo S and soon also the GTS, the range of the current 911 is filling up again. For clarity; the GTS is the version that stands under the Turbo, but above the Carrera S. As we are used to from Porsche, there is quite a lot of choice within those variants and so the GTS comes as a regular closed variant, as a convertible and as a Targa. We now see the latter in the open air for the first time.

The 911 GTS Targa differs from the already unveiled Targa 4 and Targa 4S by a slightly different layout of the front bumper, a light gray instead of red LED strip above the rear lights and the lights above the cooling grille on the GTS Targa are also light gray instead of red. The Targa bracket on the GTS is also black instead of accentuating gray, although this will probably be available as an option. The biggest difference is of course in the engine. It probably delivers about 470 hp in the GTS. The blown 3.0-liter boxer engine is probably linked to a manual transmission, but do not be surprised if the PDK automatic transmission is also on the order list. We aim for Porsche to present the 911 GTS (and also this Targa) sometime in the next few months.

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