Porsche 911 Turbo kisses Peugeot 206 in Friesland / Groningen

Porsche 911 Turbo kisses Peugeot 206

A Porsche 911 Turbo kissed a Peugeot 206 on an N road in Friesland. The sports car stayed on the road, the hatchback rolled into the verge.

It’s finally sunny again and you don’t have to worry about ice and salt spreaders. Perfect for going out with a (sports) car and making nice kilometers. Especially if your car is a 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo. With 480 hp and 620 Nm you have more than enough power to be able to blast on Dutch N-roads.

The Porsche 911 Turbo and the Peugeot 206

Although there are no longer any salt spreaders that you can bump into, there are still more than enough other road users that you should watch out for. Otherwise you will get to see the scene from these photos. The exact conditions are unclear, so we do not know whether the 911 driver was blasting the N road at hundreds of kilometers per hour. According to NoorderNieuws the Porsche 911 Turbo folded on the back of the 206, which is quite similar to what we see in the photos. The site writes that the Porsche driver did not notice in time that the 206 was slowing down.

Fortunately, as far as is known, there were no injuries, although the occupants will be very shocked. Especially with the Peugeot. Because where the 911 Turbo ‘only’ seems to have nose and window damage, there is much more to the 206. It ended upside down and upside down on the verge. Let’s just say dent removal and polishing won’t be enough to get this hatchback in good (and safe) position.

The accident has been investigated by the police and both cars have now been taken away by recovery companies. The accident happened on the N358 near Skieding on Friday afternoon. Nice detail, apparently this is an N-road that runs exactly on the border of Friesland and Groningen. Have we all learned something again today.

Photos: Noordernieuws / De Vries Media

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  1. Ot92 says

    That’s not a kiss, that was a romp.

  2. beer belly says

    The damage to the 911 seems to be (relatively) not too bad, I think the passenger has sustained more forehead damage. Handy isn’t it, such a belt.

    • tortuga says

      @Beerbelly: can also be from the blow, looks like the 206 ″ ”has been driven over, but yes, a seat belt still works wonders

      • beer belly says

        @tortuga: that could well be, although I would expect more damage around the star in the window.

    • toniominestrone says

      @Beerbelly: Could also simply have been an object that has been lying on the passenger seat.

    • timdawg says

      @Beerbelly: Don’t know about a 911, but when I hit someone with the Model 3 on the back, the passenger airbag popped up like an idiot. And probably the dashboard cover (no idea what such a thing is called) caused similar damage to the windshield as on that 911.

  3. SpiderIV says

    If description is correct, clap the back of a moving car and that with this damage as a result, I think that is a failed assassination attempt.

  4. Gilletti says

    Poor Peusje.

  5. frank2b says

    Porsche – Peugeot: 911-206

    Porsche wins on points.


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