Porsche Taycan gets nicely fat from sports package

Porsche Taycan Sport Design

To emphasize that the Porsche Taycan is one of the fastest electric cars.

The Porsche Taycan knows how to present itself in many ways as a much-discussed car. The Porsche versus Tesla discussion, the fact that it is the first electric Porsche, the fact that the car is getting pretty fast from its place or that the top versions use the name “Turbo”. If it is up to Porsche, something else is more important: namely that it becomes a true Porsche. The car is no more special than a 911 or Cayenne.

So the car also gets exclusive options from Porsche’s bespoke department. We have already given you a few examples of this recently, now a special package is also being shown.

Sport Design

Porsche chose “Sport Design” for the naming. And we know that. The Porsche 911 (992) also gets a Sport Design package, with which the car changes slightly in appearance. The front and rear bumpers in particular look slightly different. More beautiful is subjective, but the design of the standard 911 is, well, getting used to. Below the somewhat less controversial Sport Design.

Sport Design

Porsche uses the same name for the Taycan. However, the differences are slightly smaller. We find a small gallery on the Facebook page of the brand.

Mix and match every detail to your own preference. The Taycan Turbo refined with the SportDesign Package Carbon and with…

Placed by Porsche on Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Porsche Taycan is a new set of carbon fiber splitters. Especially the one on the back is more prominent with the “wings” on the side. For the model shown in Gentian blue (right? Or is it a slightly lighter shade?), Luminous footboards where “Taycan Turbo” can be read have been chosen.

A slightly less radical change than with the 911, but well, exclusive is exclusive. For further details about the Sport Design package you have to dive into the configurator and / or contact the exclusive division of the brand.


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  1. dracae says

    I still have to get used to EVs, but this looks very nice.

    Now a 6 cylinder boxer in it … ok .. maybe not ..

  2. Dutch drifting says

    The blue wheels are horrible, the rest is delicious.

  3. piedlourd says

    It remains a shame that everything should look like a 911 if necessary. It could have been much nicer.

    I am curious about the audi version and hopefully it will be a lot lighter.

    In any case, no rattling chain and oil consumption. Yes!


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