Prior Taycan Widebody gives a real turbo look

Prior Taycan Widebody

At least you make a statement with the Prior Taycan Widebody. In all silence, of course.

The Porsche Taycan is the ideal electric car for people who don’t like electric cars. It’s just a damn good sports sedan with all the Porsche qualities that just happens to be electric.

Prior Taycan Widebody

Yes, at Tesla you get more for less money, but that is irrelevant. At McDonald’s you also get more calories, trans fats, sugar and salt on your ‘plate’ than at a Michelin star restaurant. Yet there is a disadvantage with the car and the Prior Taycan Widebody tackles that for you.

Prior Taycan Widebody

Blubber thicker

That’s because there are three models: the Taycan 4S, Taycan Turbo and Taycan Turbo S. Much has been said about the Taycan Turbo and the lack of a physical turbocharger. What the undersigned looks a bit awkward: it is not that wide. A Turbo can be a bit dirtier, rougher and grittier. Just a little mud thicker.



And that is exactly what the Prior Taycan Widebody solves. Under the direction of Andreas Belzek (who is the boss of Prior Design) a complete kit for the Tacyan was developed. As the name suggests, the Prior Taycan Widebody comes with an extra wide body kit. Not only optically, the car also becomes wider in terms of rock-hard centimeters.

Prior Taycan Widebody

60 and 100 millimeters

At the front, the Prior Taycan Widebody is 60 millimeters wider than standard. At the rear even 100 millimeters are added. At the front you get an air intake ‘frame’, wide wheel arches and a splitter. On the side you see extra thick side skirts. The back is very thick, of course. Also here wider wheel arches.

  • Prior Taycan Widebody
  • Prior Taycan Widebody
  • Prior Taycan Widebody

22 inch

Then the spoiler. A Porsche could well have a spoiler and most customers will probably just order it, but it may look even thicker without that wing. Unfortunately it goes completely wrong with the rims under this Taycan. The PD3 rims measure 22 inches and are forged, but also very ugly and totally incompatible with the rest of the car. It’s just taste: most customers probably love it.

Prior Taycan Widebody

All parts can be ordered immediately. Prices are on request.


  1. florid says

    Spoiler shouldn’t have been

  2. cossiekiller says

    Spoiler off and HRE C100 wheels underneath.

  3. AutomotiveDesigner says

    Just what the Taycan needed. More rolling and air resistance. 🙂


  4. blag says

    Nice car, very horny. Now add a V8 (and the rest out) and then participate in Nascar. That spoiler is absolutely part of it: you have to be able to place your drinks and baguettes somewhere during a pit stop or lunch break.

    • cow mountain says

      That is indeed the only use of such a spoiler.

  5. bcbraems says

    A little variation on the word “thick” is also fun to read… And no, “muddy” does not count

  6. Edge says

    I think it’s way too exaggerated for a road car, but I see something in it as a car for an electric sister class to the Porsche 911 Supercup.

    • Edge says

      Or the self-made GT3 class of Gran Turismo Sport. Gr.3


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