Protest gunade against Tesla extended due to success

Elon Musk wishes NeuraLink was already fully implemented. Then he could influence some people who show off in a lawsuit against Tesla.

We have written before that these are turbulent times for Tesla. But that is not really news. These are always turbulent times for Tesla. Every time there is a new hurdle that has to be overcome and people doubt whether that will succeed. To date, however, it has succeeded every time, which of course left or right is a great achievement by Musk and his team. The next big challenge now is to really create more volume.

New factories

Because yes, Tesla will probably deliver a record number of cars this year despite the Rony Rona. But the number is still around half a million cars. Musk had foreseen that number a few years ago. In fact, with such a number, you are still a niche player. The German premiums each do (roughly) two million units per year. Tesla shareholders clearly expect explosive growth in the number of Teslas sold every year. For this, new factories have to be built.


And that also happens. After the successful construction of the factory in Shanghai, Tesla is busy setting up new factories in Texas and Germany. At our neighbors, the car company has already started the necessary work on a site near Berlin. Recently the Muskias visited these parts and was warmly welcomed by the plush of Volkswagen and the German Behörde. But in theory, this cordiality can still turn into misery. Although Tesla is already building its German factory, the permits for this have not been received at all.

Protest cannonade

Last week people who did not like this were given the opportunity to stop Tesla very hard. It Brandenburger Landesumweltamt received no fewer than 414 objections to the construction of the factory. Yesterday there were also 56 speakers who wanted to have their say. Ironically, it is generally tree huggers who blame the arrival of Tesla’s factory, while Tesla pretends to save the world from CO2. The Greens, however, fear that the factory was built on a piece of land called a Wasserschutzgebiet will have a very negative impact on groundwater and the local supply of clean drinking water. Previously, some of them also chained themselves to trees that Tesla later cut down.

Uncertain outcome

Because there was not enough time for all speakers to speak, the event will now continue unscheduled on Monday. What do you think, will the big money win over nature? Or is the German government brooding on a big fat sewing zone against Tesla as a payback for the fine that Volkswagen received in the United States for dieselgate? Let us know, in the comments!


  1. okay, bye says

    I would be surprised if the big money doesn’t win.

  2. porsche928 says

    100s of jobs in a country where the car industry is an important financial pillar. Certainly that Tesla will win.


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