Qualifying Formula 1: 70th Anniversary GP

F1 qualifying 70th Anniversary GP

Who will put his car on P3 today, for the Grand Prix of the 70th Anniversary GP?

F1 is celebrating this weekend, because it has been 70 years since the cars first started for a Grand Prix. That race took place at the Silverstone circuit at the time, which is why this weekend’s race has been given a somewhat crazy name. The other reason is that there may only be one Grand Prix of country ‘X’ every year. That is why in the past there was sometimes a Grand Prix of Europe, or of Luxembourg, or of San Marino. Because some info that will blow you away completely: Imola is not located in San Marino. Even more: the Nürburgring is not in Luxembourg! See, then you know that from now on.

Where the first Grand Prix became a huge Alfa Romeo party over 70 years ago, Mercedes is now more premium. The Germans will be back today unless crazy things happen locker go to P1 and P2, probably in the usual order. The question is how things are going behind the Mercs. Will Max go to P3 again? Or can Leclerc, Ricciardo and / or the Racing Points throw a spanner in the works?


This time, not the Alfas, but the Hares are the first to get out of the pit box. Ferrari’s customer teams are having a tough time this year. In this session they will normally fight each other and Williams again for a spot in Q2. Hulkenberg is the first of the boys to set a time in fast cars. That turns out to be quite good, because Leclerc, Norris and Vettel are very hard on it. Even HAM and BOT are only slightly faster.

The Mercs obviously do not give everything. We can also see that in the fact that Verstappen is slightly faster. Albon immediately admits a lot to his teammate. We see in the repetition why: The British Thai bounces hard on the new curbstones Chapel.

that also means that with two minutes to go ALB is only on P16. Vettel and Stroll are not doing much better on P13 and P14. Russell briefly pummels to P8, but the other drivers see the danger. Many improve with an extra round. However, Kvyat is once again the odd man out. While Grosjean and Russell manage to fight their way to Q2, the Russian does not get further than Q1 again. He is now 5-0 behind in the qualifying match with Gasly. Magnussen, Latifi and the two Hazen also do not make it a lap further. The Alfa Romeo duo is stiff at the back. 1950 is a long time ago …

The dropouts: Kvyat, Magnussen, Latifi, Giovinazzi, Raikkonen


We might get a scoop in Q2. We often see that the fastest teams try to survive Q2 on the medium tires. But are we going to see someone doing Q2 on the hard tires today? After all, those hard tires were just the mediums last weekend.

Verstappen is apparently going to try it anyway. While everyone, including the Mercs, starts with yellow tires Q2, the Dutchman has put a set of white underneath. VER thus initially goes to P4. Hulkenberg shoots off the track after a purple first sector and will therefore have to work again. Vettel sends the Ferrari to P10, after which Leclerc takes P4. Ouch.

At the end of the session, a number of drivers still improve their times. The same goes for Sebastian Vettel, but it is not enough for him. The German does not get further than P12. Esteban Ocon, George Russell and Carlos Sainz try to defy Q2 with just one attempt at a quick lap, but all three are not fast enough. Hulkenberg is now going well and even takes P2. More importantly, Max succeeds in hard belt poker as he moves through to Q3 in ninth place. Teammate Albon can also come to Q3 this time. A positive standout is Gasly, who takes P4.

The dropouts: Ocon, Vettel, Sainz, Grosjean, Russell


On the first attempt, Hamilton goes to P1, a good tenth ahead of Bottas. Ricciardo moves into third place with his former teammate Hulkenberg in P4. Verstappen and Albon are brotherly next to each other on P5 and P6. It is striking that Ricciardo and the two Red Bulls have made their rounds on the yellow tires. The rest rides with softs.

In the second run, the Mercs also go for the mediums, but the Red Bulls switch to softs. Ricciardo keeps pushing on yellow with his yellow box and the rest go for a second run on softs. HAM and BOT drive exactly the same time in sector one. However, HAM then gives BOT the pole by steering slightly to the right before start-finish. For example, the Briton wants to confirm that extending Bottas’ contract was the right choice for the team.

Hulkenberg makes it a 1-2-3 for Mercedes. Verstappen still comes out strong with a fourth fastest time. Ricciardo is fifth, ahead of Stroll, Gasly, Leclerc, Albon and Norris.

F1 qualifying 70th Anniversary GP: The complete results

  1. Bottas – Mercedes
  2. Hamilton – Mercedes
  3. Hulkenberg – Racing Point
  4. VERSTAPPEN – Red Bull
  5. Ricciardo – Renault
  6. Stroll – Racing Point
  7. Gasly – Alpha Tauri
  8. Leclerc – Ferrari
  9. Albon – Red Bull
  10. Norris – McLaren
  11. Ocon – Renault
  12. Vettel – Ferrari
  13. Sainz – McLaren
  14. Grosjean – Haas F1
  15. Russell – Williams
  16. Kvyat – Alpha Tauri
  17. Magnussen – Haas F1
  18. Latifi – Williams
  19. Giovinazzi – Alfa Romeo
  20. Raikkonen – Alfa Romeo


  1. mopar70 says

    Go Hulk! Hope he’ll show Stroll tomorrow how it’s really done if you have a fast car.


  2. mopar70 says


    • willeme says

      @ mopar70: adjusted it for you ;-). Nowadays we also have an edit button! 😀

      • mopar70 says

        @willeme: thanx!

  3. ericd says

    The Hulk in 3rd place, great. Perez may be on sick leave for longer.

  4. brammetjedeb says

    Hulkie! Decently !! Is RacingPoint now just driving with the illegal parts? Not normal how fast they are …

  5. RR Robert says

    Great comeback from Hulkenberg. And cleverly found by Red Bull, that their gamble to get Max to start on the hard tire tomorrow, has succeeded. Let’s hope this also works out well tomorrow.


    • Edge says

      @RRRobert: It could be difficult for Verstappen tomorrow. The Racing Points racepace seems to be quite good. Hulkenberg starts for him on the mediums, and the guys behind him also start on mediums. Verstappen will therefore have to have a good start and preferably have passed Hulkenberg in turn 1 or 2 to make a hole and let the strategy work.

  6. kp92 says

    Hulkie next season next to Max !?


  7. rob5nismo says

    I wish the hulk a dignified farewell to his podium and finally get rid of his record


    • okay, bye says

      @ rob5nismo: his record of “most consecutive race starts without a podium” unfortunately remains. This warm weather makes me sour. Sorry about this.

  8. F36GC says

    Handsome from Hulkenberg. But as he rightly said after the race: “the points will be divided on Sunday”. Will be an interesting start.

  9. sonnybonds says

    Yes beautiful of Max!

  10. Rick-dos says

    Go Latifi! Nice result though. Cool. Cool.


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