RDW will carry out more import inspections

RDW import inspections

The procedure for import inspections of the RDW has been further extended.

Due to the corona crisis, the National Road Traffic Service is working with an adapted program. A few weeks ago it was announced that imported cars would no longer be inspected. RDW has recently started inspecting imported vehicles again. The procedure has now been further extended.

The “temporary corona import procedure” was launched yesterday for light commercial vehicles and two and three-wheelers. Previously, only passenger cars could use the procedure. The temporary procedure means that vehicles go through a virtual inspection. This means that a Certificate of Conformity (CVO) can be entered in the vehicle registration register without a physical identification.

The temporary measure is only intended for RDW-recognized companies. We now have to wait for more flexible measures from the cabinet. Then the National Road Traffic Service can switch back to the usual system.

Not all RDW import inspections are conducted digitally. In specific cases, a physical examination will follow. There are samples to check the quality of vehicles. RDW says it cannot make any predictions about the turnaround time for applications. The service makes every effort to process applications as quickly as possible.

Photo: Audi RS6 Avant through @ pinguinman18


  1. rulefollower says

    When would they have time for my moving goods cars again?
    If it takes longer, it may not be necessary, because I will get tired of it in NL as soon as possible.


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