Reader question: eat or drink in the car?

Reader question: eat or drink in the car?

Blasphemy or just acceptable. Eating or drinking in the car is central to this reader’s question.

The car is our second home for us petrolheads. We may not live in it, but we treat it as neatly as possible. And that brings us to the chapter eating and drinking in the car.

One is a pigsty McDonald’s rubbish on the passenger seat, while you can lick the floor mats with someone else. It just depends on your personal life. Especially with white leather upholstery you will be extra careful when taking a snack in the car.

Eating and / or drinking in the car is an important topic this year anyway. With restaurants closing for much of this year, drive-ins are hot. Check out any fast food chain on a Friday or Saturday night around 6pm. The queues at the Drive-through are sometimes huge. It is not possible to eat inside the restaurant, so meals are consumed en masse from the car seat.

Are you also someone who eats a quick bite from the car on the road, or is eating and drinking in your sacred carriage absolutely forbidden? Let us know in the comments!


  1. sjouveur says

    Drink: yes. In terms of food, only a sandwich or something which is easy to clean up if it crumbles.

  2. denniss00 says

    Just no.

    • denniss00 says

      @ denniss00: Just like smoking, by the way, absolutely not.

  3. Edge says

    Yes, why not? Of course I’m not going to eat a plate of spaghetti in the car, but something that hardly spills or crumbles and is easy to clean up, I will eat in the car. And with drinking it is basically the same story, as long as a decent cap or lid can be put on, I think it’s fine.

  4. Benny_Weisz says

    You eat at home, at the table… ..
    A small snack or a cup of coffee should be possible, as long as no rubbish is left behind… ..
    My car is 13 years old and looks like new inside and out, partly because it never drinks / eats / smokes in it

  5. rrk147 says

    Not done for a long time. But now that I have to travel a long distance more often tomorrow, because of a long-distance relationship, breakfast and coffee in the car is quite tasty.

  6. kennone says

    From time to time a beer or something stronger with a karaoke set to get through that boring 100kmh zone👌🏼

  7. mashell says

    A bottle of water, no problem. A sandwich is also possible. But a hot meal? Are you crazy!?!
    In fact, I’d rather not go to the cafeteria or Chinese take-out by car, I just don’t want food smells in the car.

  8. Rutgerg says

    Yes, very often. The low point was the bigtasty at lunch that leaked grease stains on my white shirt and blue pants while I had an appointment with an important customer. Jacket buttoned the entire appointment ..

    In addition, the car is always littered with half-gnawed league biscuits and baby wipes, so the car is never really clean inside.

  9. mynameisjeroen says

    No, and neither are the kids in the back. Sometimes I get into someone else’s car, and then I come across a rubbish dump… not normal. Lease-driving colleagues in particular can do some of it.

  10. sollie1984 says

    No absolutely not. Not even for the children. I like a clean car and it should stay that way. If the kids want to eat, we make a stop.

  11. dutchdriftking says

    Yes, the car is there to be used. We do eat properly and always throw waste away immediately. No smelly bag in the car. We don’t smoke in the car (we haven’t done it for years anyway) and the occasional vacuum cleaner of course. And always a pack of wet wipes in the car. Then you can clean your hands well after the meal before you are back on the poker and the steering wheel. In any case, it is nice to get a damp cloth through the interior every now and then. Takes things up bizarrely.


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