Reader’s question: charging cables on the street, whether or not an issue?

Reader's question: charging cables on the street, whether or not an issue?

A “problem” of this time: lying charging cables from an electric car to the charging station. A thorn in the eye? Give your opinion in this reader question

Unroll the hose, refuel your car, hang back and the car with combustion engine is ready to go. This is different with electric cars. Once on the charger, they sometimes have a few hours to go. And loading is usually not done at a gas station, but simply in the street at a special parking place.

Modern solutions bring modern “problems” with them. And everyone has a different solution. What to do with the cable that runs from your electric car to the charging station when the EV is parked in the street?

According to the NOS municipalities in the Netherlands use their own measures. In the city of Utrecht, for example, you are not allowed to run your cable over the ground to your car. There is a risk of tripping. Other municipalities allow it again. This in turn has to do with the fact that those municipalities want to promote electric driving.

Wiring harness

Please note: this question is not so much about charging cables from a public charging point (see photo), but about cables that go from a house to the electric car. Sometimes a few meters or even longer. A (thick) cable has been rolled out on the sidewalk. Ugly for the streets and also dangerous for vulnerable groups. Think of the elderly or people who are visually impaired.

It is primarily a problem of the here and now. More and more charging points are being added, but there are often more EVs in the area than available drawers. And those electric cars must be charged. This is where owners without their own driveway come up with creative solutions by throwing out a cable themselves.

Reader question

Do you have a concrete solution, or good advice for the aldermen of the Netherlands who are dealing with this issue? Share it in the comments below. Because: charging cables on the street, do we want that or not?

Photo credit: Tesla Model 3 via @maarten on Auto junk


  1. bertorelli says

    Easy. Ban cables, problem solved.

  2. kjeld012 says

    I don’t think it’s a sight, those cables that swing over the ground.

    • hiostu says

      @ kjeld012: That’s right, it’s a cable.

  3. reactive says

    From charging station directly to the car is of course no problem.

    But from the front garden / the home across the sidewalk to the car is not desirable. So as far as I’m concerned, that’s forbidden. Although it seems to me that that is not necessary. The APV will probably contain something about the hindrance / blocking / improper use of the public space / sidewalk.

    • olivier420 says

      @reactive: I think it is rather antisocial if you roll out a cable along a footpath. You can genuinely stumble over it

      Neatly processed under a cable duct should not be a problem.

  4. dairy cow says

    Park cars on the sidewalk and use the parking lane as a footpath

  5. kminne says

    You cannot but prohibit this nationally. Otherwise someday someone will break his leak and die and then it will be banned.

  6. bays says

    I have beautiful cable ducts that work perfectly.

    • FiRo says

      @baafjes: seems to cause confusion for the blind / visually impaired … see article at the NOS, probably also the source of this article.

  7. amghans says

    Not experienced / seen in practice. While running I see the necessary sidewalks. Perhaps it is a rare phenomenon in and around the Pearl on the Maas.

  8. Rob says

    I live in a part of the Netherlands where houses are still affordable. The Model 3-yuppen all have a 2-under-1 hairdresser with driveway, so that charging cable problem does not exist here 🙂

  9. spence says

    Of course this means a danger to the pedestrians, in addition to the unaesthetic. Long live loading by induction!
    But how else do you currently charge a car in the numerous places in the city where no charging points are provided and the owner does not have a personal parking space, that it is now outside or inside?

    At the same time, I have long been wondering why on most cars the socket is not on the sidewalk but on the street? This is dangerous.

    • fiscal says

      @ spence: I have long wondered about this last one. With our outlander it is on the right rear, but with xc90 and tesla it is on the left. Why would that be?

      • coffee cup says

        @ tax: RHD vs LHD in country of production and development.

    • cart stallion says

      @ spence: What surprises me completely is that this is also the case with BMW. While in Germany you are explicitly not allowed to park against the direction of travel. It is waiting for someone to pull the plug out of a car.

  10. foam mouth3 says

    Solution? Each lamp post with 2 shuko plugs. May people charge their bikes or cars for free. 10A is not so interesting and no more cables along the footpath .. I have been working for 8 years to install a charging station. Front is not allowed by the municipality because the house and charging station fall under billboards, according to officials. And billboard is not allowed in a home environment. Behind the house is also not allowed because the municipality has built a playground (on purpose) of 100x50cm. And that is why I am not allowed to put a charging station there because of children. Civil servants do not understand that such a pole ignores children with knitting needles.

  11. FiRo says

    Charge via WiFi or induction under the road. No cables over the sidewalk.

    Oh wait..

  12. erce says

    Exactly this; cable at lampposts. And idd, no quick charging, but just drip in full during the night hours.

  13. Dutch drifting says

    A parking space outside the city for all EVs of course! And a shuttle bus on diesel for the owners.

  14. ericd says

    Cable ducts that run up to the comfort belt. Canes with sensitivity sensor when a power pole is active.

  15. jelmer says

    @ foam mouth3. What a situation, you will be disappointed. Have you tried to approach city council members?

    • drive to the left says

      @jelmer: there are officials who love an evening casino with company, can work to your advantage

  16. tttijn says

    No problem, until someone breaks their neck.

    • FiRo says

      @tttijn: And as an ev owner you are responsible because it is not a provision from the municipality.

  17. ericd says

    Cable ducts that run up to the comfort belt. Canes with a sensor when a power pole is active.

  18. erik2907 says


    Prohibit electric driving immediately.

  19. jelmer says

    Why can’t a slot (by the municipality) be sawn into the sidewalk tiles and a gutter (possibly with a removable top) inserted so that the cable can pass through? Laying costs of 100 euros and ready.

    • amghans says

      Having understood that there are all kinds of regulations (perhaps legislation) on what depth in municipal soil which cable / pipeline should / may lie. This means that a cable may not enter the municipality ground at any given (in) depth. Perhaps that would also be an obstacle to this. Coincidentally someone in the panels who knows more about this?

  20. RiKe says

    As soon as we have to cross the sidewalk, I find it anti-social to people with mobility problems or who have low vision. For them it is an obstacle that they have to cross. Would the owners like it if they suddenly had to jump over a wall every day en route to their car that is always in a different (annoying) place

  21. tge2 says

    Little poor. Just charge somewhere centrally instead of making your problem everyone’s problem.

  22. kp92 says

    Especially if they swing across the sidewalk. Very annoying with the wheelchair

  23. baklava says

    Antisocial. If I come across that I pull the plug

    • pug206 says

      @baklava: I would go even further and cut the cable across the width of the sidewalk. If you have ever been in a wheelchair, you will understand how annoying these types of obstacles are on a footpath …

  24. pomuk says

    Of course that is antisocial. The elderly and visually impaired do not see those cables and fall over them. Just so, as already suggested above, neatly dissolve. make a cable duct with a cover that is equal to the height of the pavement. No weird breaks that someone stumbles over. Seems logical.

  25. failure fillet says

    Now it is still new, the cables will “age” and they will be damaged. Then something with rain, open cables and high voltage.

  26. nopetrolnofun says

    Scrapping premium for electric cars into the shredder.

  27. Edge says

    I understand the necessity. We are being pushed en masse to go for the electric car, but charging stations are still somewhat behind. You will usually find them in the city center, along the highway as well, but in a normal residential area it is already a lot more difficult. And if you also live in a house without its own parking space or driveway, it will be hard to charge your car close to home anyway. It is difficult to expect that someone will hang his car 20 minutes further on at the charging station and take the last part home by bike.

    As an intermediate solution I find cables over the sidewalk, provided that it is neatly concealed in a cable duct with sloping edges (so that wheelchair / walker users can continue to walk / drive) no problem at all. But the real solution is to invest in improving our electricity network so that one can handle the extra demand for electricity and the installation of hundreds of thousands of extra charging stations. And not only at the parking lot of the Appie or the old town, but especially in the residential areas.

  28. xjs678qr says

    2 telescopic poles, cable at 3 m above the footpath and nobody is bothered by it. As long as the wind is not blowing of course …
    Then perhaps attach a swinging arm to the house to guide the cable high enough along the footpath?


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