Recycling contribution for new cars will be reduced in 2021

The recycling fee for new passenger and light commercial vehicles from 1 January 2021 is € 30. That is lower than this year. RAI Vereniging and ARN announced this today.

The current recycling contribution is € 35. This means that the amount will decrease by € 5 per new vehicle sold. According to ARN, the organization that implements the ‘producer responsibility’ on behalf of the car industry in the Netherlands, this decrease of almost 15 percent is due to efficiency measures in the car recycling chain.

High recycling performance

The recycling fee on cars makes it possible to comply with the legal obligation of at least 95 percent car recycling including reuse. All end-of-life cars in the Netherlands are sustainably recycled and almost all residual materials are recovered. Car dismantling companies, shredder companies and recycling companies have reached a recycling rate of about 98 percent in recent years.

Recycling fee

The contribution to the recycling of cars was introduced in 1995 and was then called a disposal contribution. In 1995 this was an amount of 250 guilders. This amount has fallen sharply over the past 25 years and is now called recycling contribution. When the euro was introduced, the amount became € 45. This remained the case until 2016. Since 2017, the recycling contribution has decreased by € 2.50 every year to € 35 in 2020. Next year the recycling contribution is € 30. With this contribution it is possible sustainable to disassemble and recycle.

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