Remarkable crossover wins the ‘Huh?’ Award 2020

Well, we don’t know what they are smoking at General Motors, but this remarkable crossover raises eyebrows.

Look, it is now known that we are switching to alternative powertrains. It is a transition that has been going on for 10 years. During this transition, fuel engines are often assisted by an electric motor or at least a 48V auxiliary generator. Everything to reduce consumption.

Again: this is not new. Then the subject for the next few minutes: this Cadillac XT4, which is specially intended for the European market. Now we always have to wait and see what The General has in store for us Europeans. In some cases it concerns a fat limo or undamaged convertible.

Cadillac XT4 is a remarkable crossover

The Cadillac XT4 is neither. The Cadillac brand is still present in Europe. The activities seem to be on the back burner: 614 copies were sold in 2019 throughout Europe.

So far Cadillac has 32 cars sold this year. So what is General Motors doing to boost sales? Simple, they come with this remarkable crossover. As you can see, it is a Cadillac XT4. If you don’t know that car, that’s not surprising. In the past 16 years, we have treated the car only once.

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So what’s so remarkable about it? Simple, the engine. General Motors thought, it always went wrong when it came to self-igniters. We are now going to change that with a Cadillac with diesel. Huh? Why that?

The engine of this remarkable crossover is a 2.0 liter turbo diesel. This delivers a modest 174 hp and a pretty potent 381 Nm, which is also ready at 1,500 rpm.

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Diesel. Yes, diesel. In a Cadillac

So in 2020 General Motors thinks a remarkable diesel-powered crossover is the best option for commercial success? This is not to say that the Cadillac XT4 is a wrong car. It’s a modern-lined SUV-style with plenty of room for a full-grown Weimaraner. The latter is always good to know.

Incidentally, there is also a petrol variant on the way. These will also be offered in The Ancient World. It is a 2.0 turbo with 230 hp and 350 Nm. In both cases, you will receive a nine-speed automatic transmission as standard. This drives the front wheels, four-wheel drive is optional.

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Availability of this remarkable crossover

The XT4 will be available in Germany from October 10 for the price of EUR 42,900. A ‘Launch Edition Sport’ will cost 47,100 euros there. There would then be a good portion of BPM in the Netherlands, if this orange American remarkable crossover with diesel engine can be ordered, because that has not yet been confirmed.


  1. vindick says


    • ruffie says

      A diesel?

      • screamer says

        How does Cadillac still exist with these kinds of choices?

        • joki says

          Because the Netherlands is not the world …

  2. msfiorentina says

    A Diesellac

  3. tjorque says

    Very (Trump) American right? Nice old technology back as progress.

    Now that the coal mines will reopen, I wonder when new steam locomotives will hit the market. Because they are really great !!!

    • karaya says


      The USA is the epicenter of advanced technology on this Earth.

      We can learn a lot from that in Europe.

      The laughable disdain of little Europeaans, give them three windmills and a smoky biomass plant and they think they invented the wheel.

      • grass eater says

        Well epicenter. Name a chip in a computer or telephone that is not made by ASML machines.

        In terms of software, the USA is a leader, in terms of hardware, whatever motorcycles and cars are. Nouuuu no. Except for Tesla’s techniques. But they are lagging behind for ICEs.

      • RR Robert says

        * Cough * * cough *
        The laughable disdain lies in the fact that the Americans actually think they are decades ahead of the rest of the world. In practice, however, this only applies if you compare them to Africa, South America and certain less developed parts of Asia.

        I worked for an American employer for ten years and even now at my current (Dutch / German) employer I work on projects that have the US as their final destination and I am still confronted almost every week that those guests have really lingered in many areas in 1995.

      • tjorque says

        Don’t you come and feel so attacked …
        It was just a sarcastic comment.

        I also know that there is a lot more going around in the usa than the Trump nonsense we get to see here.

        And just because Europe is downright slow in many areas does not mean that progress is no longer being made here.
        In fact, I find it harrowing how much know-how is happily bought up here and disappears from the continent.

    • gregorius says

      I think this is the same block that is in the Opel Insigna B. Same content, same pks and nms. The block is just Euro 6d and the values ​​it provides are fine.
      In addition, there are also plenty of countries in the modern world where diesel is not tackled that hard and where quite a bit of diesel is still sold.

      • davelepeef says

        @gregorius: I did not understand why this is not just put on the market as Opel, but that of course falls under PSA: x

  4. realhustler says

    This was just decided a long time ago, and no one has had the balls to say stop. A bit like Lelystad airport.


  5. toyotafortuner says

    And how much would it cost in NL? € 100,000?

  6. dutchdriftking says

    Ten years ago with a B label and 20% addition, he would have been quite fun. Now literally no dog is buying these.

    • davelepeef says

      @dutchdriftkingWell, according to the photos, the thing is being sold to 66-year-old golden retriever owners who look above average for their age …

      • davelepeef says

        @davelepeef: sorry. I am quite mistaken here. It’s not a golden retriever of course …

          • davelepeef says

            @willeme: I believe you immediately. I mainly see a tight body and a hazy look. I did not look at that dog properly …


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