Results Formula E: Germany’s ePrix 3

ePrix from Germany 3

Time flies, it is already time for Germany’s ePrix 3.

Time flies when you’re having fun. The sparrows are now falling from the roof, but in motorsport there is still fierce battle for positions. In the Formula E. they put extra speed into it. Initially the season was almost canceled, but instead we now have a special race week of three times two races, all at Tempelhof in Berlin.

We have already completed Germany’s ePrix 1 and Germany’s ePrix 2. Both races were won by DS Techeetah driver Da Costa. The Portuguese is sovereign in the lead in the rankings. It is not yet a Hamilton-esque situation, but to date he can take his title quite unhindered. That is also because the rest is very close together and the opportunities are used back and forth. Will that also be the case this race?


No, this race will be difficult for Da Costa, because he starts from P9. His teammate Vergne (who struggled in the first two races in Berlin) is clearly in better shape and has taken pole position. Maximilian Günther is P2 and the Belgian d’Ambrosio is third. Another Belgian on P4: Stoffel Vandoorne. The best classified Netherlands is Robin Frijns in P6. Nyck de Vries will start the race from P8.

ePrix from Germany 3


And the Germany 3 ePrix has started! As easy as Da Costa drove away last race, so easy is Vergne away. He immediately takes a small lead. d’Ambrosio and Lynn are in P2 and P4, very handsome. It remains to be seen whether they can also keep the Mahindras in those places. Robin Frijns knocks on Lynn’s door on P5. After three laps, Günther takes place 2. Remarkable, because he was nowhere to be seen in the previous race. In the fifth round Frijns passes Lynn. The Dutchman is fourth. De Vries has fallen back to fourteenth place.

ePrix from Germany 3

Mid race

Drama! Neel Jani and Sette Camara are standing still on the track with a lot of debris around it. Both drivers are both victims, without having hit each other. Jani and Sette Camara are both unable to continue on their way. A yellow flag and the Safety Car drives outside. The ‘culprit’ turns out to be a very enthusiastic Sims (Jaguar). It will take a while before all the junk is off the track. Calado (in the other Jaguar) took damage during the skirmish.

ePrix from Germany 3

When the BMW i8 Spyder (the Safety Car) disappears from the track, there is finally a reboot. Günther goes for it and immediately attacks Vergne. Unfortunately for the German, he makes a mistake and falls back to P4. Frijns is third, but is immediately taken back by Günther, thanks to the Attack Mode. Frijns takes this two laps later. Of the top 3, the Dutchman can drive the longest with a little more power. Vandoorne has to go into the pits because of a flat rear tire. Bales for the Belgian.


Vergne and Günther make it a fun spectacle. The French and German are 1 and 2. Robin Frijns follows at a suitable distance. De Vries is eleventh and tries to keep Rene Rast (Audi Schaeffler) away.


Then we have arrived at the final phase. Vergne and Günther are still far ahead of Frijns, but the Dutchman has a trump card up his sleeve: he has considerably more ‘juice’ in the battery. Something that can come in handy later, although the gap is about 5 seconds.

In the meantime, Günther puts maximum pressure on Vergne and with 4 minutes to go the German outwits him. In the meantime, Frijns takes steps and carefully drives towards Vergne. Is a P2 in it for the Dutch? Speaking of the Dutch, De Vries has now ‘climbed’ to tenth position.


Then the final phase of the race. Two more laps to go. Frijns uses his extra energy and easily overtakes Vergne. But it gets worse: Da Costa has quietly moved up to P4 and Vergne sees his teammate in the mirrors. In the last lap Frijns puts a lot of pressure and comes close, but he is just a tenth short of Günther, who wins the race. An extremely solid performance by Robin Frijns!

Results of Formula E: Germany’s ePrix 3:

  1. Günther
  3. Vergne
  4. Da Costa
  5. Lotterer
  6. Rowland
  7. d’Ambrosio
  8. Di Grassi
  9. Evans
  10. Sims
  11. Buemi
  12. Müller
  13. Bird
  14. Mortara
  15. Abbot
  17. Turvey
  18. Lynn
  19. Mass
  20. Rast
  21. Vandoorne
  22. Calado
  23. Sette Camara
  24. Jani


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