Samsung offers a device for practically every user. Read in this review for whom the new Samsung SSD 990 PRO is intended, what improvements there are and how it performs.

The Samsung SSD 990 PRO is the successor to the SSD 980 PRO and offers maximum speeds in sequential reading and writing and an important speed gain in random reading and writing. These optimal speeds come into their own when loading the operating system, processing large files such as data analysis, 3D rendering, 4K video editing and games that mostly work with the SSD in a random-oriented manner.

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The 990 PRO is a powerful PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD. PCI stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express i.e. an expansion bus for transferring data from an SSD to graphics cards. This PCIe4 SSD is very fast and gives maximum results in recent systems that use the latest generations of processors, and in combination with motherboards that support PCIe4. The SSD also works with systems with PCIe3, but then the performance is half that of a system with a PCIe4 bus. 4 is used PCI lanes where the maximum theoretical sequential read rate is 8000 MB/s. The embodiment of the SSD is
M.2, which is a narrow strip, designated 2280, 22 mm wide and 80 mm long.

The improvements are achieved thanks to the new seventh generation V-NAND technology in combination with an optimized Pascal controller and firmware. Furthermore, power consumption has been minimized, up to fifty percent more efficient compared to the 980 PRO, and optimization of the heat sinkcooling and the dynamic thermalguard-technology. Accessing the drive via the DirectStorage API, which is supported by a number of games, has also been improved. Turbo write is present and is a caching mechanism to further optimize transfer rates. The available storage capacities of the 990 PRO are 1 and 2 TB, with a 4TB version and a separate gamers version to follow later. heat sink with RGB lighting. The MTBF of the units is 1.5 million hours and the TBW is resp. 600 and 1200TB.

The 990 PRO delivers sequential read and write speeds of up to 7450 and 6900 MB/s respectively, speeds that are close to the maximum theoretically possible. The random read and write speeds reach 1400K and 1550K IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) respectively with the 2TB version. This is an improvement of up to 55 percent compared to the 980 PRO, making the 990 PRO the preferred choice for heavy games and other data-intensive tasks. Samsung Magician management software allows you to see the status of the SSD, including temperature, and run a benchmark to measure sequential performance. In addition, there are various optimization and data management options, such as activating the AES 256-bit encryption and any software updates. The Samsung Magician software only works after detecting a Samsung SSD.
Samsung Migration software allows you to copy the contents of a hard drive or SSD to a Samsung SSD. If a USB3 port is used to copy the drive, you will need a USB adapter that has an NVMEeM.2 interface. This PRO version comes with a five-year limited warranty.

Product: Samsung 990 PRO PCIe4 SSD 2TBPCA stars 4 5 327

4 and half stars

MSRP: €359.99 (1TB: €189.99)

* ultimate speeds
* more efficient power consumption

* more expensive than the 980 PRO