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With scripts you can automate all kinds of computer tasks and some applications have their own macro function built in for this. RoboIntern is a handy tool to perform various tasks automatically (anywhere) in Windows. Knowledge of scripting is not required at all.





Windows 7 and above

8 Score 80 Score: 80

  • Pros
  • Clear
  • Extensive action types
  • User friendly
  • Negatives
  • Trigger offer could be more extensive

There is a good chance that you will perform various tasks on a regular basis or that you will want to have certain actions performed if some condition is met. From now on, leave that to RoboIntern. As soon as you start this (portable) tool, some pre-made tasks will appear, but they are mainly for learning and entertainment.

An overview window shows your actions, triggers, status information and some action buttons.


When you add a new task, you are supposed to set an action and a condition (trigger). As far as the actions are concerned, in addition to all kinds of file operations (such as copy, move, delete and (un) zip) and e-mail activities, there are also system operations, as well as various actions that are performed with Office applications Excel, Word and Access. It is also possible to run vba macros and a variety of scripts, from PowerShell to Python. Depending on the action, adapted options will appear with which you can control the operation in detail.


You can not only schedule actions and possibly have them repeated, but also make them depend on the status of a file, specific e-mails and the status of your system or a database, but also other actions that you can take in RoboIntern. created.

All this makes useful combinations possible: having yourself sent an email (with attachment) as soon as a file has been changed, having a notification with sound pop up when you receive a specific email, or having the contents of a folder zipped after a copy operation. You can also define multiple triggers and indicate whether all triggers or only one of them must be fulfilled.

So many possibilities, but there is still room for more. For example, we miss triggers based on more advanced system states, such as processor or memory usage or a particular system event (in the Windows log).

You can choose from 60 different actions and 10 triggers.


RoboIntern quickly becomes an indispensable tool for those who often want to perform the same tasks or who want to have those tasks performed automatically under specific circumstances. There is a wide choice of actions that you can fine-tune without any script knowledge. Everything also remains neatly arranged.


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