Rock-hard horsepower numbers of Audi RS3 have been mentioned

This year we can welcome a new Audi RS3: it gets that much horsepower!

2020 was, among other things, the year of the A3 for Audi. VAG’s new MQB platform offers four new mid-range cars and the A3 is one of them. The brand new A3 was more than welcome, as the old model was already as elderly as it gets.

A3 Sportback 45 TFSIe


This also applies to the RS3, the hottest hatchback from Audi. The bike is aged in a way, but it isn’t. The 2.5 liter TFSI has been in the RS3 since it came on the market in 2011, with of course updates in between. It started at 340 hp for the first generation Audi RS3 (8PA). The next generation (8V, 2015-2020) started at 367 hp from the same 2.5, but ended with the facelift in 2017 with 400 hp. That made the RS3 the strongest hot hatchback of its time.

Sweet spot

However, it is about more than numbers. What makes the Audi RS3 very nice, in addition to the 400 hp, is that the 2.5 TFSI is a five-cylinder, and not a four-cylinder like all its competitors. That makes the RS3 the sweet spot from the hot hatchbacks. So there are people who leave the 421 hp of the Mercedes-AMG A45 S cold because the RS3 sounds better. Choices you make.

Continuation of success

In an interview with Frank Michl, who does sales and marketing for Audi Sport GmbH. He wants to make the RS3 a ‘continuation of success’. The RS3 is already an icon according to Audi. The new RS3 should embrace that and what we already knew: the 2.5 TFSI will not be banned. That would be easy from a cost perspective: putting the same engine as the Golf R, Leon Cupra or Octavia VRS in it is simple enough, but makes the RS3 less unique.

PK war

Let’s go back to the comparison with the AMG A45 S: more horsepower than the Audi RS3 does not have to be an argument anymore. After all, figures have also been mentioned. Confirmed is a big word, but you can’t get closer to the source at the moment. The upcoming Audi RS3 gets 415 bhp and 500 Nm. A quick calculation of those mentioned brake horse power to horsepower gives us a number of 420.9: rounded 421 hp So. How much horsepower does the A45 S have again? Right: 421. The RS3 and A45 have never been so competitive.

Audi RS3

The RS3 is almost below us. It will be available as a five-door hatchback (Sportback) and a four-door sedan (Limousine). The only drawback compared to the A45 S? The extra cylinder probably makes it expensive. Looking at the prices of the equivalent RS Q3 with less horsepower, this price may well be around 100,000 euros. That is a bit of a swallow… (via AutoExpress)

Image credit: an RS3 in camouflage pajamas, spotted by @spotcrewda on Autojunk.

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Rock-hard horsepower numbers of Audi RS3 have been mentioned

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