Rolls-Royce: buttons in cars are much better than touchscreen

The interior of the Rolls-Royce Ghost

If you put in enough time and effort, buttons are better than touchscreens, according to Rolls-Royce.

Few things in the automotive world can cause such divisions as buttons and touchscreens. Either you are completely in love with touchscreens and the screen cannot be large enough, or you prefer to stick to the old familiar buttons. This writer is in the pro buttons camp himself. Not because of any kind of technophobia, but purely for convenience. You can operate buttons blindly. A screen? That is just a glass plate where every button feels the same.

At the same time, touchscreens look very modern – especially in the first years. Take the interior of a Tesla Model 3. This carmaker is clearly in the pro touchscreen camp and has banned buttons as much as possible. To the annoyance of German judges, incidentally. Due to this use of large screens, the entire design looks a lot more modern than competitors.

A car manufacturer for whom the interior is extremely important is Rolls-Royce. Hundreds of man hours are spent there to ensure that all wooden inserts, pieces of metal and stitching are perfectly matched. But touchscreens in a Roller? They are still largely absent.

Not because they don’t being able, or because they want to save money, but purely for the experience, says head designer in the Coachbuild department Alex Innes v Autocar. The experience of a ‘beautifully weighted analog switch’ is still better than that of a touchscreen, he says. Rolls-Royce is therefore not always at the forefront of technology. Technology should enhance the experience of a Rolls-Royce, it shouldn’t just be there.

In other words, if you do your best, switches still feel better than touchscreens, according to Rolls-Royce. So those large tablet screens in your car are not only unsafe and impractical, but also a bit of a crowd. And plebs, Rolls-Royce clearly doesn’t do that.


  1. tree hauwer says

    They are quite right.


  2. harryb says

    Indeed! Touch screens are simply cheap and lack inspiration.


  3. bluetiger99 says

    Justly. You can find a button blindly


  4. jaapiyo says

    Touchscreens are snazzy.


  5. unknown32 says

    I really cannot blindly find buttons in my cars because then I push on something wrong anyway. But I much prefer buttons than everything touchscreen because I hate those greasy fingers on those touchscreens 🙂 In addition, those touchscreens often don’t go fast enough, but that could be due to the computer running behind it? Curious how that will be with such a monster as the new S!


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