Roof tents have suddenly become much more popular in the Netherlands

A striking development in the camping world: more and more people are buying a roof tent for their car. Sales have doubled compared to last year.

In the Netherlands, it is not really a very well-known form of camping: sleeping in a tent on the roof of your car. You may associate such a form of camping with exciting expeditions with off-road vehicles through rugged areas, but on normal camping you can now encounter the phenomenon more and more often. According to the number of roof tents sold this year is already twice as high as last year. It is not clear how many tents are involved.

While roof tents seem especially appropriate for adventure cars like the Land Rover Defender in the photo above, roof tents are also more often mounted on normal cars. With a roof rack on your roof racks you can set up a roof tent on your car without too much effort. Just scramble and you are high and dry. In addition to the smaller chance of wetness, a roof tent also has the advantage that you can camp on much smaller surfaces; after all, the tent does not have to fit next to your car.

Is a roof tent a bit too simple for you? Then read Techzle Campers and stay informed of the latest developments in the field of motorhomes.

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