Russia wants mandatory alcohol lock on all cars

A car in Russia, where an alcohol interlock may become mandatory

This measure is disastrous for the makers of dashcam compilations.

It is no secret that it can sometimes be quite unsafe on Russian roads. Russians are only too happy to absorb the chaos with them dash cams, so that the rest of the world can also enjoy.

While the dashcam videos are entertaining, this story also has its downside. In 2019, there were approximately 17,000 deaths in Russian traffic. That is quite a lot, also in relation to the number of inhabitants. It could be worse (see Africa), but Russia is not doing too well by European standards.

The good news is that the Russian government is working on this. The number of road deaths has already decreased in recent years. Now Russia wants to throw in a new weapon: the alcohol interlock. Or in Russian: it vodkaslotka.

Russia prefers manufacturers to install the alcohol interlock ex works. They must of course then cooperate. The government hopes to put a plan on the table at the end of this year. This is reported by the Russian newspaper Kommersant (not to be confused with Cucumber, which mainly reports non-news).

The alcohol interlock was used in our own country from 2011 onwards to prevent caught drinking organs from repeating. The government concluded that this was not feasible in practice and that is why another point was put in 2015. If the Russians do things differently and simply give everyone an alcohol interlock, they will at least bypass the criminal hassle.

Through: Reuters

Photo: a tour de force of Russian car culture, spotted by @failhaas


  1. edward330d says

    How quiet it will be there on the street…

  2. tenaci says

    Can they just as well stop selling cars? Or vodka….

  3. brown worker says

    Why everyone? Smells a bit like discri … And what have we learned in recent months?

    Maybe better to have the repeat offenders install one.

    • rob5nismo says

      @bruinwerker: if you shave everything in one comb, it is not discrimination because the same counts for everyone

  4. rob5nismo says

    @machielvdd cool photo with the article

  5. expert says

    “This measure is disastrous for the makers of dashcam compilations” is easy because they simply can not drive, alcohol or not.


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