Scoop! The Netherlands is the first country with an overview of digital traffic signs

Digital road signs overview

The Netherlands is the first country in the world to receive a digital traffic sign overview. You can do this with it.

We do know digital road signs, but a digital road sign overview. What is that then? Well, in fact, this is an open data bank for interested parties, regional governments, road authorities and information service providers. The latest information about Dutch road signs can be requested via this database. Government and ICT, sometimes things are going well!

The database has been made available digitally. Commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and regional authorities. In this overview you can consult the image of a traffic sign, the indication code and the exact location of the sign. The data collected is made available as open data via the National Road Traffic Data Database (NDW). A concrete example is that developers of traffic apps or navigation systems can always keep information from the database up to date.

The digital traffic sign overview is still under construction. At present, all road signs along provincial, main roads and signs in the 130 largest municipalities of our country are included. After the summer, signs from the smaller municipalities in the Netherlands will also be included.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has appointed HR Group as responsible for this as a whole. This specialist in traffic objects has mapped the data and will also keep the database up to date for the next two years. After those two years, it will be examined how the period has expired with a possible extension.

Okay, but what’s the use?

The arrival of the digital traffic sign overview also has advantages for us as motorists. When new traffic signs are placed, navigation systems can quickly retrieve the information from the database and apply it. This way you will no longer be surprised if you are driving an unknown route. Because even in 2020 it can happen that your navigation service or app communicates the wrong speed limit when the situation has recently changed. Information about parking options, loading and unloading places, overtaking bans, road narrows and more can also be processed thanks to the database.



  1. eaudi says

    Always thought something was missing in my life. Suddenly I know what: a digital traffic sign database.


  2. brown worker says

    “Government and ICT sometimes go well.”

    Want to do a little popie on Friday?


  3. leaper035t says

    The Netherlands Guide country therefore still applicable. Congratulations dear neighbors!


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