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Shana encoder

It can always happen that your mobile device or media reader stumbles over certain audio or video formats, or that you prefer a different format for another reason. There is no other option than to convert the files, preferably in optimum quality. ShanaEncoder is a flexible converter, suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Shana Encoder




Windows XP and higher

8 Score 80 Score: 80

  • Pros
  • Extensive video and audio support
  • Numerous setting options
  • Negatives
  • Quirky preset choice
  • Inadequate help function

You have arranged the installation of ShanaEncoder with a few mouse clicks and with some technical tricks it is also possible to turn it into a portable tool.

The program window looks rather tight, but that does not affect the functionality. You simply drag media files to the window or retrieve them from the menu. Depending on the encoding mode you set, you can convert all files to the same format or you can each set them to a different output format. It is also possible to merge all files into one large file. Most functions and settings speak for themselves. Fortunately, because the help function leads you to a predominantly Korean manual (although with a Google Translate function).

Output profiles

In a list on the right side of the interface, ShanaEncoder mainly welcomes beginning users with a whole range of presets. For example, you can convert videos so that they are suitable for specific hardware. In addition to some well-known brands such as Apple, LG and Samsung, you will also find unknown brands here, but strangely enough, generic presets such as Android or Google are missing here. Admittedly, you can also create your own profiles and save them as extra presets for reuse. This manual refinement is especially suitable for the more advanced user, who feels at home in terminology such as quantizer, bitrate, frame rate, keyframe and so on. Various parameters are available for subtitles and it is also possible to adjust ffmpeg parameters directly in the interface. You can read the set output parameters at the bottom of the main window.

Shanaencoder at work
It is possible to set a different output profile for each media file added.

Extra operations

Conveniently, you can listen to or preview a preview of the output result from the context menu, which also takes into account video images that you have cropped or segmented (those functions are also included in ShanaEncoder). The output files end up on your desktop as standard, but you quickly adjusted that.


ShanaEncoder is not that well known and that is a shame, because it turns out to be a versatile media converter that satisfies both the beginner and the advanced user. It is a pity that the choice of presets is somewhat unorthodox and incomplete, but ShanaEncoder meets the (advanced) user by having them create their own output profiles down to the smallest detail.

Quick settings
There are numerous settings with which you can tailor the output exactly to your wishes.

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