Sigh: another electric hypercar

Apex AP-020

Don’t these people do market research into the need for electric hypercars or something?

Marketing books are generally not that expensive. The latest revised edition of “Principles of Marketing” by Philip Kottler and Gary Armtstrong costs only 71 euros. It contains everything you need to know, know and apply before you start your own store.

Principles of Marketing

It is written quite clearly, the models can be used well in daily situations and with the help of the book you can do a lot of research. In very rare cases you are a visionary or you have a product that is a gap in the market. But in 99% of the cases that is not the case. So you really have to do your best. You have to study your customers, know their needs. and considerations can. to dream. Now “Principles of Marketing” is in English, so you would say that the British company “Apex” also read the book.

Apex AP-0

Probably not entirely, because this company is also announcing an electric hypercar for the Geneva Salon, Yes: there is just another electric hypercar shining alongside all the other violence in electric hypercars. Apex launched the AP-1 last year, the new project is called the Apex AP-0.


Apex does one thing differently than many other hypercar manufacturers and that is weight. One of the biggest disadvantages of electric cars is the high weight. That is not due to the electric motor, but the unnecessarily heavy batteries. The AP-1 only weighed 620 kilograms. The Apex AP-0 will weigh around 1,200 kilograms.

Circuit toy

How we should estimate the Apex AP-0 is a bit unclear. Sprinting from 0-100 km / h takes 3 seconds and the top speed is 300 km / h. Not bad, but a little Tesla Model S sprints just as fast. According to Apex, the car must be very agile. It appears to be a complete circuit toy with zero luxury. The radius of action will also not be too impressive. Now curious how they will put this car on the market, because the “EV-Hypercar” brigade seems to be getting bigger every day.


  1. ericc says

    Isn’t Apex also a company that offers laps on the Ring?

  2. marc_rutten2 says

    Realizing an EV hypercar is quite easy, because you do not have to test emissions in terms of homologation. This makes selling in various countries a lot easier and makes people start a boy’s dream faster when it comes to realizing their dream car.

    Unfortunately, all those people do not understand that we are already working on nearly 3000 – 4000 EV hypercars if you add all the production numbers together and in terms of market there might be a few hundred people interested in those things. Supply and demand are completely out of balance.

    Then take a look at the supercar market that is currently experiencing difficult times. Too much production, too much supply and brands such as Aston Martin and McLaren in very difficult weather. In addition, brands such as Lotus, Rimac and Pininfarina do not lose their EVs on the paving stones.

    I understand that you want to build your childhood dream, but then keep it to yourself and only sell one if someone really asks for it. That is the only way to sell those EVs in that world.

  3. Dutch drifting says

    Well, of the dozens of new companies with electric hypercars (and regular electric cars), only a few will ultimately make it. The rest go together or go bankrupt …


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