Small electric Wuling can be seen from the inside

Last week, the Chinese manufacturer Wuling showed a first set of images of its first EV, a very compact city car of which the company has now visualized the interior.

Small is beautiful. That seems to be the motto that was developed on the walls of the development rooms during the development of this as yet nameless little EV by Wuling. The angular designed city EV is, according to its creators, inspired by the kei-cars that Japanese manufacturers sell in the home country, and seems to mean that the plug-in little gets a very ingenious interior.

That is not entirely the case, but it is still interesting to take a look at the interior of the Chinese dwarf EV. Although the block box is only 2.92 meters long, 1.49 meters wide and 1.62 meters high, it can accommodate four occupants, according to Wuling. In the interior photos, we can see that the rear seat in the EV must indeed accommodate two people. The legroom seems nice, although the headroom will not be generously sized due to the high placement of the rear seat, under which the 9 or 14 kWh battery pack is located. The luggage compartment without the rear seat folded down is of course also miniscule. If you throw the backrest forward, according to Wuling a luggage space with a capacity of 740 liters will be created. The result is that you have to leave two people at home. Wuling also speaks about the presence of a total of 12 storage compartments.

Wuling’s newcomer has a rotary knob between the front seats with which you operate the transmission and the photographed copy has at least electric windows. Blue accents are applied to the seats and door panels, among other things, and horizontal lines run across the entire width of the dashboard, giving the impression that there is a huge outlet of the climate control in the dashboard. Also notable is the apparently very small tailgate that provides access to the luggage compartment.

SAIC-GM-Wuling is a joint venture established in 2002 between the Chinese SAIC Motor and General Motors. This unnamed newcomer is the brand’s first EV, a car that showcases features with the significantly larger Hong Guang Plus launched last year, and Wuling promises to provide more information soon. We also know which model name this cheerful Chinese newcomer gets on his ass.

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