Smart, light and economical: Suzuki Smart Hybrid

How do you make a car as economical as possible? With thoughtful and clean technology, a low weight and of course a smart driving style. Suzuki applies the latest form of hybrid technology in almost all models. This means that the engine needs even less fuel, while at the same time more power is available. That may sound too good to be true, but it is really true.

With the term hybrid, many people think of a car with an extra electric motor and a heavy battery pack. But also an extremely economical car. The latter is any Suzuki, but without heavy batteries or a large electric motor. Suzuki Smart Hybrid works differently, something like the pedal assistance on an electric bicycle. It gives an extra push in the difficult moments.

Electric auxiliary engine

Suzuki Smart Hybrid is as simple as it is ingenious. The already economical fuel engine is assisted by an electric 10 kW / 14 hp auxiliary engine. For example, during acceleration, when a lot of force is required, which normally results in extra fuel consumption. With this compact assistant you can easily accelerate, but you have no extra consumption.

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Recover braking energy

Where does that electric motor get its power from? Fair question. By feeding much of the braking energy back to the extra battery. The electric auxiliary motor acts as a dynamo during braking. The generated power is then stored and can be used again a little later to power the electric motor. A very smart, closed system. Charging is therefore not necessary, it goes without saying.

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Lighter is more economical

Not only smart, efficient hybrid technology helps to save fuel and lower emissions. Suzuki is doing everything it can to reduce weight. Take the Swift and the Ignis, which weigh 825kg and 835kg respectively. This makes them among the lightest cars in their class. A nice extra is the low rate for motor vehicle tax!

The advantages of Suzuki Smart Hybrid

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Compact technology, so low weight
  • No concession to interior and luggage space
  • The system works imperceptibly
  • Batteries are charged automatically

Suzuki Smart Hybrid is the most economical way to drive a hybrid. With this you do not have to make any concessions to get more kilometers from every liter of fuel. You have plenty of space and driving pleasure, without having to worry about charging. Just get in, start and enjoy.

If you want to know more, check out or find a dealer in the area for a nice test drive.

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