Standings after GP Turkey 2020 and 7 things that struck us

To be completely up to date again in the cappuccino corner, we have gathered the stand after the GP Turkey 2020 and some other things that we noticed for you.

The best races are those that were not initially on the calendar. Styria, 70th Anniversary, Mugello, Imola, Mugello, Portimão and Turkey were without exception a spectacle to behold.

Much, very much happened. That is why we have all the final positions and conclusions that matter. So the position after GP Turkey 2020 and seven things we noticed about the race.

We have to race on ice rinks more often

Or in other words: enjoy driving in the winter. In any case, this results in more fun races. The talents always stand up in situations like this. But it does make the races much more fun to watch anyway, simply because you don’t know what’s going to happen. So Zandvoort and Assen have to stop arguing and simply nominate Thialf in Heerenveen.

Standings after GP Turkey 2020

Vettel has found its shape

It simply cannot be that Vettel has suddenly forgotten. It is a four-time world champion who excels under good conditions, but also under difficult. Just like Hockenheim 2019, Vettel proves that he can drive considerably better than his positions in the final standings would suggest. The German kept his cool, made no stupid mistakes and took advantage of other people’s mistakes.


Lewis Hamilton is simply the GOAT

The Mercedes is by far the best car of the past 6 years. So good that you actually had no chance in another car. Because Hamilton is always at the front, it is sometimes difficult to appreciate the qualities of the British driver. The Briton rode unparalleled and clear. Unfortunately there are too many dry, boring races where he strikes the titles together at the front, but with this race Hamilton has put a deserved crown on his seventh world title.

Standings after GP Turkey 2020

Finally a podium for Pérez

Every now and then Lance Stroll shows that he can drive really well. It almost looks like the Bas Dost of F1. In itself quite nice and at times brilliant. So much for Stroll, because Pérez was close to the Canadian all weekend. But where Lance had no grip at all on the second set of tires, Pérez was able to hold his position. In addition, we ask ourselves aloud: was it useful to hold Stroll and say goodbye to Pérez…?

Finnish Bottas is not doing well in Finnish conditions

Lewis had the best car. That means that Bottas’s car can’t be much slower. Bottas comes from Finland and there you learn rallying and drifting before you become toilet trained. Bottas did not seem to have done that, because the Finn spun several times. Hamilton has therefore definitely brought something extra.

Standings after GP Turkey 2020

Verstappen also makes mistakes

It cannot be said on the Dutch media, but Verstappen also makes mistakes. It was precisely these mistakes that prevented him from winning the race. The start was dramatic and that was certainly not the first time. There may still be a technical explanation for this, but the opportunistic overtaking attempt on Pérez was simply a shame.

No problem for the final standings and the Dutchman is an excellent driver, so his moment will come. Until then, the Dutchman has won as many races for Red Bull as Mark Webber.


There was no safety car situation!

The track was really slippery (to say slippery is to tie the cat to the bacon). Because most cars regularly flew off the track. You would expect Bernd Maylander to come out several times. However, nothing could be further from the truth, except for a virtual safety car situation, there was no physical safety car.

Standings after GP Turkey 2020

Drivers Championship

So many things happen here. First: Hamilton can no longer be overtaken. Second: Hamilton is more than 100 points ahead of his teammate. Swallow. Furthermore: Vettel makes a nice jump through his podium and Pérez gets his 100th point, 37 more than Stroll has. The battle for P4 is very interesting, because Leclerc and Ricciardo are close to Pérez. The McLaren drivers are also on the same level.


The standings after the GP Turkey 2020 in the drivers’ championship are as follows:

Position Driver Team Points
1 Hamilton Mercedes 307
2 Bottas Mercedes 197
3 Verstappen Red Bull 170
4 Pérez Racing Point 100
5 Leclerc Ferrari 97
6 Ricciardo Red Bull 96
7 Sainz McLaren 75
8 Norris McLaren 74
9 Albon Red Bull 70
10 Gasly AlphaTauri 63
11 Stroll Racing Point 63
12 Ocon Renault 40
13 Vettel Ferrari 33
14 Kvyat AlphaTauri 26
15 Hülkenberg Racing Point 10
16 Räikkönen Alfa Romeo 4
17 Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo 4
18 Grosjean Hare 2
19 Magnussen Hare 1
20 Latifi Williams 0
21 Russell Williams 0

Constructors’ Championship

Mercedes is not just a little better, but extremely much better. At Red Bull, the machine falters a bit. This was the first time that Verstappen finished next to the podium. The race between Racing Point, McLaren and Renault is particularly exciting. In fact, even Ferrari hooks up.

Standings after GP Turkey 2020

The mutual standings in the constructors’ championship since the GP Turkey 2020 are as follows:

Position Team Points
1 Mercedes 504
2 Red Bull 240
3 Racing Point 154
4 McLaren 149
5 Renault 136
6 Ferrari 130
7 AlphaTauri 89
8 Alfa Romeo 8
9 Hare 3
10 Williams 0

Qualifying match

In principle, very little changes in this overview. Verstappen and Russell still have the maximum score. At Haas and McLaren the drivers are still very well matched. Despite Stroll’s pole position, the position after the GP Turkey 2020 is still in favor of Pérez. Ricciardo is also considerably faster than his teammate.


The mutual standings in the qualifying match since the 2020 Turkey GP are as follows:

Team Driver Driver
Mercedes Hamilton (10) Bottas (4)
Ferrari Leclerc (11) Vettel (3)
Red Bull Verstappen (14) Albon (0)
McLaren Sainz (7) Norris (7)
Renault Ricciardo (12) Ocon (1)
AlphaTauri Gasly (12) Kvyat (2)
Racing Point Pérez (7) Stroll (2)
Racing Point Hülkenberg (1) Stroll (1)
Racing Point Pérez (1) Hülkenberg (0)
Alfa Romeo Raikkonen (8) Giovinazzi (6)
Hare Grosjean (7) Magnussen (7)
Williams Russell (14) Latifi (0)

Fastest Lap

Hamilton did win the GP Turkey 2020, but he did not drive the fastest lap. logically, at the end the Briton consolidated his position. Another Brit, Lando Norris, felt like a fish in the water and set impressively fast times on the last lap. That is why the DHL Fastest Lap Award goes to the young Briton. Not much will change for the stand in the table below.

Standings after GP Turkey 2020

The mutual standings fastest race lap after the GP Turkey 2020 is as follows:

Driver Team Number of fastest laps
Hamilton Mercedes 6
Bottas Mercedes 2
Verstappen Red Bull 2
Norris McLaren 2
Ricciardo Renault 1
Sainz McLaren 1

Driver of the Day

There were several candidates for this award. The Ferrari drivers had the best chance of taking the award for a long time, with Hamilton on third. In the end, it was Vettel’s podium that made the difference. With a reasonable margin in the end, he took the second time this season audience award.


The mutual Driver of the Day stand after GP Turkey 2020 is as follows:

Driver Team Number of nominations
Verstappen Red Bull 3
Gasly AlphaTauri 2
Pérez Racing Point 2
Vettel Ferrari 2
Hamilton Mercedes 1
Hülkenberg Racing Point 1
Albon Red Bull 1
Ricciardo Renault 1

Did the AB editors correctly predict the GP Turkey 2020?

Wouter was closest. Techzle’s Chief Tire Smoker thus reaches 99 points. He was the only one who also awarded Pérez a podium place and that Bottas would have no chance. Jaap made a few bold statements that could have been true, but did not yield any points.

Standings after GP Turkey 2020

AB editorial standings after GP Turkey 2020:

Editor Points
Wouter 99
Michael 87
Jaap 72

These Formula 1 races have already been held in 2020:

  1. Austria (Bottas)

  2. Styria (Hamilton)

  3. Hungary (Hamilton)

  4. England (Hamilton)

  5. England 2 (Verstappen)

  6. Spain (Hamilton)

  7. Belgium (Hamilton)

  8. Italy (Gasly)

  9. Tuscany (Hamilton)

  10. Russia (Bottas)

  11. Eifel (Hamilton)

  12. Portugal (Hamilton)

  13. Emilia Romagna (Hamilton)

  14. Turkey (Hamilton)

These Formula 1 races are still on the calendar for 2020:

November 29 | Bahrain GP
December 6 | Bahrain GP
December 13 | Abu Dhabi GP


The first meters on Bahrain International Circuit will be held on November 27 at 12:00.


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