Sterckenn X3 M is lower and not much heavier

Sterckenn X3 M.

All optical stuff, of course. But to be fair, the Sterckenn X3 M looks quite petite.

The bullet is through the church, BMW comes up with an M3 Touring. Good news of course for people who think it’s cool. We have to ask ourselves whether it will be a success. In general, the fast station wagons are rightfully the terrain of Audi Sport. Both BMW M5 Tourings were not really a success. Otherwise, it is the same thing: every time Audi releases an RS sedan, the practical variant scores better.


But there is another downside to the M3 Touring: you will have to wait a while. The car will not be unveiled until 2022 with the facelift. Hopefully, that’s when they get the controversial (nice word for blegh) change pig nose to two neat kidneys. Another option is to look at a crossover anyway, in this case the X3 M. You have the same engine, the same gearbox, the same xDrive four-wheel drive system and largely the same interior. Only it is higher on the wheels.

  • Sterckenn X3 M.
  • Sterckenn X3 M.

Sterckenn X3 M.

And that’s where this Sterckenn X3 M comes in. They have lowered it, both actually and optically. They get off to a good start right away by choosing a red X3 M, a color that looks great. it is a Competition, so everything is finished in satin black on the BMW. The car has been lowered slightly and has enormous rims. They do not go into that further with Sterckenn, unfortunately.


Sterckenn specializes in carbon fiber frills. They do that very well, by the way, you see them regularly in the tuning scene. Like the Sterckenn X3 M, most of their parts can be found on M models. In this case too, they worked with carbon fiber.

  • Sterckenn X3 M.
  • Sterckenn X3 M.
  • Sterckenn X3 M.
  • Sterckenn X3 M.


The Sterckenn X3 M is equipped with a real carbon fiber splitter. You don’t expect it. Normally a car gets too low and it is actually a great way to inform in an auditive way that you have encountered a speed bump.


But that’s precisely where the Sterckenn X3 M is so brilliant. First, it is an X3, despite the lowering, there is still enough space left. It is also excellent, the X3 M is optically a bit lower. But because the F98 is a crossover, there are enough centimeters left. See, at least that’s useful.

  • Sterckenn X3 M.
  • Sterckenn X3 M.
  • Sterckenn X3 M.


But it can be much more convenient. Because the German tuner also knows that there are very high thresholds on which you can drive your splitter to smithereens. Therefore, the splitter is three-piece. The idea of ​​the Sterckenn X3 M splitter is simple and simple. There are three parts. A wide center piece and two smaller parts left and right. You can therefore damage these separately. The great thing is that you can also reorder them.

  • Sterckenn X3 M.
  • Sterckenn X3 M.

Also for X4 M

Speaking of ordering, you can do that right now. The splitter is available for both the X3 M and the X4 M.


  1. grass eater says

    21 photos, and not 1 of the back.

    • willeme says

      @Grafs: The splitter is on the front.

  2. por100 says

    Anyone want to find out how much more a touring weighs compared to a sedan and then calculate that to the new M3 and finally compare that figure with the X3M?

    • E34M5Touring says

      Between an M340i X-Drive Touring and an X3M Competition is 175kg (1770 to 1945). The M3 Touring will be around the weight of the 340i. So around 175kg difference.
      There is 110 kg between the 340i Touring and sedan.

      • reactive says

        Strange that you have slightly different weights than I do. Because with the M40i I get only 40kg difference between the 3-touring and the X3.

    • reactive says

      @ por100; For convenience the M40i X-drive compared:

      3 sedan – 1645kg
      3 touring – 1745kg
      X3 – 1785kg

  3. hanso says

    Lowering a crossover or SUV… isn’t it better to buy a hatchback or station?

  4. donaldjgarrison says

    I think this generation X3 is the most successful BMW of our time anyway.

  5. dutchdriftking says

    Well, it is secretly pretty cool. But if I have to choose between an X3M or an Alpina B3 touring then I know….


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