Subaru explains why the BRZ does not have a turbo

Side of a blue Subaru BRZ

Subaru could easily have screwed a turbo to the BRZ, but did not want to do that.

It was a common complaint about the BRZ (and therefore the GT86); the lack of power. Of course, 200 hp is more than enough to keep up with the traffic, but from a sports coupé some would have expected a little more. Fortunately, Subaru is meeting these customers a bit with the new BRZ. It has a 2.4-liter boxer engine with 231 hp and 250 Nm.

But it could actually have been something more. The FA24 engine in the new BRZ is also in the Ascent SUV. And in the Ascent, this engine has a turbo, which is mounted at the bottom of the block. Why then did Subaru choose not to place this turbo in the BRZ? PR chief Dominick Infante explains why to Road and Track.

There are several reasons for starting with gravity. Or, rather, the center of gravity. As written, the turbo on the FA24 engine is at the bottom of the block. That means that if Subaru would stick a turbo to the FA24, the block would end up higher in the BRZ. And that would ‘significantly’ increase the center of gravity, which, according to Infante, would ruin driving behavior. At the same time, the extra turbo would add extra weight and costs. While the BRZ should be a cheap, light, well-handling sports car, says Infante.

Incidentally, there could also be another reason for the lack of a turbo. For that we have to look at the Toyota Supra. This recently has a two-liter four-cylinder on board. With 400 Nm, it delivers a lot more torque than the new BRZ, but in terms of horsepower, it comes quite close to the new BRZ with 258 horses. If Subaru screwed a turbo on that BRZ, the gap between the BRZ (and thus the GT86) and the Supra would be quite marginal. Something that partner Toyota was probably not waiting for, which could be an additional reason for the turbo-free BRZ. That means that those looking for a BRZ with turbo, just like the predecessor, will have to go to a tuner.


  1. rolov says

    Good explanation. Supercharger on it and you are faster than the new supra.


  2. kennone says

    Just hang an ej207 in it with a thick hoodscope for the intercooler.

  3. fanboy says

    Or just admit partner Toyota doesn’t want it.

    • okay, bye says

      @fanboy: Yes smart! That has no negative impact at all and is actually promoting.

      Because everyone knows that the company you work with and have to sell your product with “throwing it under the bus” works well for the relationship.


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