SWAE 720S Widebody is completely finished

SWAE 720S Widebody

The SWAE 720S Widebody does not add anything you need, but you want something. If you have a 720S, that is.

In recent years we have had to say goodbye to many tuners and / or breeders. Companies that think they know better than a manufacturer. Such a manufacturer must build a car at a certain price, which gives a tuner just a little more freedom.

We see that many tuners who have affordable cars have a hard time, but that breeders in the higher segment are spinning their proverbial yarn. So good, in fact, that there are new tuners that make expensive cars even more expensive, faster and better. With the SWAE 720S Widebody we can welcome a new tuner.

SWAE 720S Widebody

First project: SWAE 720S Widebody

SWAE is from the US and their first project is a McLaren. They haven’t exactly held back. Let’s start with the external changes. Using tons of carbon fiber, SWAE 720S has a much more serious look. Almost everything that is black on this car is actually made of carbon. The 720S has now become a bit wider, the front spoiler is ‘more present’ and the shirts give even more optical width.

  • SWAE 720S Widebody
  • SWAE 720S Widebody

The rims of the SWAE 720S Widebody are anything but standard. The sizes are unfortunately not mentioned, but the fitment is almost perfect. Oh yes, for those who hadn’t noticed, there is now a huge spoiler on the bottom of the car. It does not look out of place, because the racing cars also have such a wing.

1,000 horsepower

It’s not just the looks, though. The intention is that the SWAE 720S Widebody is considerably faster than the standard copy. Now there is one @Wouter no one who wants an even faster car, but it is possible. The engine is now tuning good for 900 hp, on the wheels. That equates to more than 1,000 horsepower on the crankshaft. What exactly happens to the 4.0 V8 is not clear.

  • SWAE 720S Widebody

In any case, the newcomer can give a little more explanation with what they do. First, the end result looks and sounds really cool specs promising. Secondly, we are also curious about what it costs to make your regular young used 720S and SWAE 720S Widebody with which you can basically find every car.

It is not yet known when the parts can be ordered.

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