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More sustainable and greener than Apple’s

Xtorm has replaced the complete line-up of cables with a new design. As the name implies, these are ideally suited for travelers. We therefore tested these cables during a trip.

Xtorm Original Travel Cables

Since the fall of 2019 I switched to dark green, both for the iPhone and for the case (from Mujjo). My accessories don’t necessarily have to be dark green, but if a manufacturer offers them, it’s a bonus. I was therefore happy with these dark green cables from Xtorm. And they are also just right for the mobile Apple traveler, because they allow you to charge your iPhone, iPad and a power bank.

Update: according to Xtorm’s support department, the cables are MFi certified. We will still check this, as it is not on the website and not on the packaging.

I have tested two versions:

  • USB-C to Lightning cable (€ 29) to fast charge the iPhone on the go if you see a power outlet somewhere. I use the 18 Watt USB-C adapter for this from Apple itself, because that goes really fast.
  • USB-A to USB-C cable (€ 19) to charge my power bank in the hotel room at night. Of course you could do that with USB-C-to-USB-C, but I don’t have that many suitable adapters and a USB-A port is always available.

Xtorm Original Cable

Both cables are available in dark green, (rose) gold and black, through the manufacturer and various sales outlets. There are also versions with USB-C to USB-C Power Delivery and with HDMI connection. Most cables are 1 meter, but they are also 2 or 3 meters.

Xtorm Original Travel Cables in short

These are the main properties of the cables:

  • Multiple variants with USB-A, USB-C, Lightning and HDMI
  • Length 1 meter
  • Available in green, gold and black
  • Material: braided nylon
  • Available in three colors: silver, space gray and gold
  • Price: between € 19 and € 29

Xtorm cable material

Original Travel Cables: The Material

Xtorm is a Dutch company best known for power banks. They also have all kinds of other accessories, including cables. These Travel Cables are made of a coarser, extra strong nylon fiber on the outside. This makes them even more durable. I have been using the previous Original cable (in blue) for a long time and it still shows no signs of wear.

Xtorm Original Cable green

In addition, the design has also been improved: there is now a U-shaped notch in the aluminum housing of the cable (see photo). This prevents the case from cutting into the soft TPU of the cable mount. At the same time, the housing is sturdy due to the use of aluminum.

Xtorm Original Cable connection

Xtorm cables in use

We have tested the Xtorm cables on the road and daily at home. After about a month there is still no visible wear and the cables are also pleasant to use due to their stiff character. But the cable is also flexible enough to roll up, as you can see in the self-shot photos.

Xtorm Original cable

It’s just a pity that you don’t get a roll-up tape, like its predecessor. The blue cable had a kind of Velcro around it. I have now only used a normal iron wire, but it is not really stylish. A plus is that the cable is quite stiff due to the woven aluminum, so that it remains reasonably coiled. While traveling you often have to unroll and re-roll such a cable, so a tie wrap is not an option. In my opinion, this is the only point where this cable can be improved.

If you prefer to buy the variant in black, you can see below what it looks like in the variant of 3 meters in length.

Xtorm Original Cable black



Xtorm Original Travel Cables

Xtorm Original Travel Cables

from € 19


  • Sturdy yet flexible cable
  • Lasts a long time, no visible wear
  • Fits nicely with your green iPhone


  • No roll-up strap

Conclusion Xtorm Original Travel Cables review

The Xtorm Original Travel Cables cost about as much as Apple’s official cables, but they are much more durable due to the use of woven nylon. In addition, they look striking in the colors green and gold and they feel very different from a standard cable. When I’m fumbling around in my bag, I can find the right cable by feel. Most other cables are smooth.

These cables are currently only available from Xtorm itself and most models have a fairly long delivery time. So you have to be patient, but then you have something.


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