Tesla achieves extreme mileage: 1,200,000 !!!

Tesla achieves extreme mileage

This Tesla not only has a lot of kilometers on the clock, the thing drives on bravely. The Tesla achieves an extreme mileage. Not only that, it still drives!

During an EV10 days you don’t come to Tesla them. Like inveterate gasoline heads and diesel necks, jokes are sometimes made left and right. In some cases it is also just easy to score. In particular @jaapiyo is still averse to a subtle little bit.

About the cars, service, devout EVangelists, fanb0ys, finish, interiors, configuration options and the Chief of Tesla can we be kidding. But we have to be honest: the powertrains are something that many ‘real’ car manufacturers still bite on.

Hansjörg von Gemmingen – Hornberg

Hansjörg of Gemmingen – Hornberg proves that you can drive a reasonable number of kilometers with such a Model S. Besides the fact that this man has the best name of all time (for a German with hopefully a blonde mustache), Hansjörg also has a Tesla Model S. He drives an incredible amount and loves it very much. Last year he managed to tap the 1,000,000 km with his Tesla Model S.

What a journey! 1 Million electric km driven with my @Tesla Model S. pic.twitter.com/JHSIhGfEbl

– Hansjörg von Gemmingen – Hornberg (@ gem8mingen) November 28, 2019

Tesla achieves extreme mileage

But Hansjörg van Gemmingen – Hornberg kept rolling. Last week he managed to drive a few more kilometers. This Tesla achieves an extreme mileage. The counter is now up 1,199,413 km. Look, and when you do, you’ll just get a thank you note from Elon Musk on Twitter. If you drive 1,000,000 km with a Volvo, do you also get a thank you from Hakan Samuelson? Exactly!

#NeuesProfilbild pic.twitter.com/biBtperC0l

– Hansjörg von Gemmingen – Hornberg (@ gem8mingen) October 15, 2020

But did Mr. Hansjörg from Gemmingen – Hornberg make it all with an original engine? No. To achieve this extremely high mileage, he has worn out four battery packs and three engines. Swallow! On the other hand, except for a Mercedes W124 or Toyota Hilux, many cars that have run a lot have often had a new engine or transmission, so it is not that strange.

Source: Twitter account of Hansjörg van Gemmingen – Hornberg.


  1. pivavar says

    Warranty on engine and battery, free supercharging… .. You just have to like it.

  2. measuring system says

    Then a Passat B5 with six and a half tons without an overhaul of the engine or gearbox and the same exhaust is a greater performance. (About twenty suspension arms were replaced at the front by applying the chassis of the brand of ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’) But also pats on the back for Tesla, zekorr

    • banderas says

      Don’t forget that this was one of the first Model Sen. not all engines were as good as they are now.

  3. RR Robert says

    Respect for the man and respect for the car!

    Also know people who drive a car with a bizarre high mileage (34 year old Mercedes 190 and 27 year old Audi A6). And then you also have to deal with bizarre wear and tear: the attachment of the backrest to the seat that breaks off after getting in and out thousands of times, for example.

    • Rickyleek says

      @RRRobert: 1.9tdi certainly with manual gearbox, that will continue to drive yes 👍

  4. Simon Mc says

    “No. To achieve this extremely high mileage, he has worn out four battery packs and three engines. ”

    Huh? In last year’s article (when he reached 1 million km), this text was added:

    “To start with the battery: the German is now working on his second one. ”
    “In any case, the electric motor will not last a million kilometers, because Von Gemmingen is already working on his fourth copy. The first three engines broke down quite quickly because they came from a poor batch, but the fourth engine has now provided 680,000+ kilometers for the drive. ”

    Or did he chase 2 battery packs on 200,000 km?



    • b088y says

      @topless: you forget the fuel you use 😉 you can also buy 1 or 2 Teslas again.
      And this gentleman will no longer receive a warranty on his Lexus after 1 year if he opts for this (Max. 200,000 at Lexus).
      In addition, Lexus needs maintenance every 15,000 km, so then you also have 66 dealer visits … or every 4 weeks …

    • flutterby says

      @topless: you only forget the amount of maintenance the Lexus has had.

  5. dairy cow says

    Worthless performance to need 3 electric motors for this km-stand. Perhaps the focus has been too much on performance instead of lifespan.

    With a fuel engine, with many more moving parts, that performance is much greater. Wear and tear of the batteries cannot be helped with the current state of the art.

    • crepito says

      @melkkoe: No, all electric motors of this generation Model S have been replaced. It functioned flawlessly, but became more humming. With me too. All electric motors in Teslas now can easily handle 1 million km.

  6. geertvn says

    If no train has run over and parts are still available, technically every car can be repaired. At a certain point the only question is whether the car is still worth it.

  7. bArTAvEs says

    “In particular @jaapiyo is still disgusted by a subtle bit of fun. ”

    Outside of spelling mistake, Jiminy is a predictable Tesla hater, like most here, every thing that goes wrong is widely covered, and the rest is collective flaring.

    I am an enthusiastic petrolhead myself, but I no longer feel at home here at Audiblog.


    • SpiderIV says

      @bArTaAfJeS: apparently you read everything given your factual knowledge and that while you do not feel at home 🤔. Fun in self-harm?

  8. Variomatic says

    Four (!) Battery packs ..!? So if I understand correctly, those batteries are good for max 200 to 300dkm ?? And such a package now costs about 7 mille .. good, you can also buy 5000 liters of diesel for that, you also get a long way without range anxiety ..

    • dutchneon says

      That depends a lot on how you deal with it, but this car has to be an untold amount of supercharged … and that doesn’t really help the battery

    • Simon Mc says

      The text is wrong. Last year it was reported that the man had reached 1 million km, and was working on his 2nd battery.
      The owner reported this himself, a few hours ago: ”Einfach Km machen auch gut gegen Corona. Akku wird in December 700,000 Km erreichen ”. : https://twitter.com/gem8mingen

      So he is now at 700,000 km with his 2nd battery.

  9. scrmeagle says

    Why is this making the news. Was only in 530D taxi had driven 750,000 km without special maintenance.

  10. Benny_Weisz says

    During one of my visits to my native country (Romania), in a local taxi, there was a white Dacia Logan 1.4 MPI.
    From my passenger seat I looked at the dashboard of the car where I noticed two things…. one of them was the burning “Check engine” light.
    “This is because a different lambda probe was used when installing the LPG installation, which causes an ECU message, according to the taxi driver. The advantage is a slightly lower consumption ”
    The second thing that struck me was the odometer reading: more than 600,000 km. I congratulated the driver on the result that was achieved, given the condition of the car at that time …
    “Oh, that must be 1,600,000 km, the counter has only 6 digits. The car is 12 years old and I use it as a taxi with my cousin. We drive them every 12 hours a day, ”says the same driver.
    He also said that the engine had only undergone one overhaul and that one major service was performed every month. Furthermore, all rotating parts (brakes, shock absorbers, etc.) were replaced every 6 months. The only thing that was still original from the factory was the furniture, but it was also in dire need of replacement due to collapsed seats, according to the owner.

  11. edward330d says

    As long as it does not rust and you keep replacing your drive and batteries, it will also get two million… I am also curious about the rest of the maintenance undercarriage and seats how they hold up after all those km.

  12. crepito says

    Just an addition: they are not 4 battery packs. The electric motors of the first generation Model S have been replaced on almost everyone (sometimes several times) because they made more noise. With me too. Not because they stopped functioning. That is no longer the case.


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