Tesla exterior mirrors stolen en masse in Amsterdam

Tesla exterior mirrors stolen en masse in Amsterdam

Owners of a Tesla Model S, Model 3 and Model X should fear for their exterior mirrors. They are popular with the thieves’ guild.

Swiping a complete car is flashy and can be a hassle at times. Many car thieves are therefore engaged in specific actions. For example, stealing parts from cars to order. Sometimes this brings crazy trends.

A while ago it became clear that catalytic converters, in particular, from Toyota hybrid models hot are among crooks. There is now a new trend and it seems to be mainly in Amsterdam. Namely stealing Tesla exterior mirrors.

AT5 made a report about the incident, because it is now a serious problem in the capital city. Last weekend alone, police received 20 reports of stolen Tesla door mirrors. At least one Model 3 driver has already seen thieves targeting his Tesla five (!) Times. In three cases it concerned theft of a charging cable and in two cases the mirror.

Tesla exterior mirrors theft

The advantage of a Tesla is that the car can film the situation around the car with Sentry Mode. Despite the cameras on the electric car, the police have not yet been able to arrest suspects. A neighborhood app has been set up in Amsterdam-West, among others, to exchange video images with each other. The police are still in the dark about who or what is responsible for these thefts.

Photo credit: Police Amsterdam Overtoomse Sluis via Facebook

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  1. berlinetta says

    If you lease such a Tesla for business, will it pay for the damage in that case? The lease me or the lessee?

    • mashell says

      The insurance company.

  2. evdw says

    If their head / face is not on it, it will be difficult, you will not recognize someone with a neck bag, I’m afraid.

  3. RR Robert says

    What is the motive behind these thefts? I don’t think there is a big market for these kinds of brand-specific parts.

  4. deSjonnies says

    WHY are they stolen, does Tesla itself organize this to become primijum, are they short in production mirrors, are this mirror, mirror on the wall, miracle mirrors?
    Questions, questions, questions.

  5. towi1989 says

    Special, because you can pull out the mirror in every car. Seems like a targeted Tesla hate action.

  6. ericd says

    A “mirror mirror for on the wall, who is the prettiest in the country?” 😉

  7. LaLancia says

    That people still want to live in A’dam at all.


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