Tesla finally tackles Porsche this week

Have they finally finished that fast Model S?

Completely pointless, but fun. So we would be the best battle between Porsche and Tesla. Porsche has been at home for a long time in making fast premium cars, Tesla is for the time being virtually unbeatable when it comes to electric power lines in general and performance in particular.


The Porsche Taycan Turbo S and Tesla Model S “Plaid” have been engaged in a fight for some time. The Porsche landed on the Nordschleife for a while. During the Taycan event, the IAA Frankfurt 2019, Elon Musk and his team liked to pulverize the record on the Nordschleife of the Taycan Turbo S.

Tesla Model S Plaid '20


It ended a bit in an anti-climax, thanks to Tesla. Although it was announced as an attempt to capture the Taycan with an existing Model S, it was no more than a few glorified test laps in a prototype, the “Model S Plaid.” Admittedly, this version with its thick wheel arches, huge BBS CI-R rims, sticky Michelins and spoiler looked very thick, but it was (and is) a prototype. Tesla indicated at the time that they could drive a time of 7:20 and with a few changes even 7:05.

Tesla Model S Plaid '20

Motor Trend

The intention was to do that a month later. We are now three months further and nothing has happened yet. But there is good news, because the battle ax is being dug up again by the Twitter brigade from Palo Alto. The American company InsideEVs knows that Motor Trend will organize a test between the two ruffs next week. It would be the Tesla Model S Plaid and most likely the Porsche Taycan Turbo S. Incidentally, the Taycan Turbo S humiliated the Model S again in this “independent” test. The country of origin seems to play a role.

Tesla Model S Plaid '20

“Production Model”

The publication of the American electric wagon enthusiasts say that the Porsche will be completely dried by the Model S. There is, however, one difference: the Porsche Taycan Turbo S is currently available worldwide. The introduction of Model S Plaid stat planned for 2020, according to Musk. Note: disclosure. Then nothing is known about production. Tesla has also introduced a Model Y (March 2019), Roadster (November 2017), Semi (November 2017) and Hypertruck (November 2019). All these models are not in the showrooms at the moment. Fair is fair: the Model Y comes earlier than expected.

Tesla Model S Plaid '20


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  1. fanboy says

    Silly as the Tesla is not yet for sale and the Porsche is. But always nice and good PR, otherwise they do not do marketing.
    And he could be in production soon, I suspect.

    • Edge says

      @fanboy: Well, Porsche set their record with a pre-production model, even before the Taycan was unveiled, ordered and available. So in that respect it is fine

  2. baidu says

    I have seen the plaid go over the ring. For an EV it is a brutal device. The diffuser is also really large.

  3. ericc says

    So they use a prototype again. First let them make a production model and be able to deliver as Porsche does. After these laps, have the cars also checked for build quality. It must be cars that roll off the production line and not from some lab!
    Cheating is something that Musk likes to do. He also cheated on his ridiculous “truck” pulling an F-150. His prototype that competed against a production model that came from the Ford line.

    • crepito says

      @ericc: The Porsche record was also not a production model.

  4. mcshine says

    The Porsche was also a prototype, different from the Taycan that is now at the dealer. But nice race, I recently had a loan with Model S because the M3 Performance had to go to the dealer. What a whale of a car, not comparable with the M3.

    • vindick says

      @mcshine: Yes, but an M3 is also something else. That is the benchmark, nice chassis, unwise sound. There is no Performance Edition of it, it’s called Competition. Anyway an M3 is of course also something else than for example a Model 3.

  5. Rick dos says

    I wonder if these kinds of actions still appeal to the imagination these days. I think the further development of the car is at its limits. The secrets are unlocked. In the past, a car with 600 hp was a supercar that did not have its equal (McLaren F1). Nowadays you can’t imagine anything if it isn’t in your average sedan, so to speak. Same goes for Nurburgring times. In the past a 7.30 was only reserved for the best supercars nowadays a sedan can ride those times.
    A car that drives faster than 400 km / h, a production car with a minimum of 1000 hp, we are no longer surprised. It no longer appeals to the imagination.

    Tesla has one plus point that other manufacturers still have a hard time. This is not about charging stations. powertrains or ranges. The plus point is that they have Musk. At the head of the company is a personality that for many is seen as a messiah. It’s just like what Jobs was at Apple.
    At some point the product sells, even if it is a flut product, because Musk says so. The hype about Tesla is real and try to break that. The car industry needs a Samsung to be able to offer a counterweight.

  6. fanboy says

    What makes you think the car is at its limit?
    Yes it is an old car, but they can easily hang these new engines there and a new battery pack with new type of cells.
    There has even been talk about a 1000km ramge variant with this performance, in fact what they are planning with the new roadster.

    • barry355gtb says

      @fanboy: I would like to buy that roadster. According to the Musk himself, it is a very fast super sports car, which takes all other sports cars for breakfast. Haha just seriously I want a seriously silent roadster with a nice hi-fi system. Enjoying nice music and the silence when I enjoy nature.

  7. cazzo046 says

    Don’t really understand why they don’t grab the M3P instead of the Model S.
    Seems more suitable on the Dutch Railways. The basis is already much sportier and the humiliation even greater;)

  8. Silverarrow says

    Fine, cock fights like this? It only ensures that the technology behind these cars evolves more quickly into a decent and affordable alternative to the masses. Today a Taycan, tomorrow an A6 and the day after tomorrow a Polo. Now for the infrastructure and generation …

  9. maartencox says

    Last paragraph Hypertruck -> Cybertruck

  10. Dutch drifting says

    I assume that Porsche is not sitting still in the meantime. So we as consumers are making good progress. To start with, and to complete it, the knowledge gained from this battle will produce better Porsches (possibly the entire VAG group) and better Teslas in the future.

  11. barry355gtb says

    Tesla has a very good infrastructure of charging points. In addition, the Tesla’s battery also comes from its own factory. There the other car brands really have a very large backlog.

  12. none says

    I assume that this model also has the software update that everyone has received, which saves the battery compared to range / performance?

  13. none says

    Tesla “picks up” Porsche. As if that is ever possible.

    It is always funny to read this kind of thing, or if there is a little traffic on the road. You must carefully ask yourself the following. Who’s working with who now. A Porsche driver is really not looking for a Tesla to prove something. It is only the “lesser” brands / cars / males who seek confirmation from their superior.

    Think about that if you’re in your tattooed subaru or ipad on wheels. The moment you are in a situation where the other person does not trade with your car, you have already lost the race.

  14. crepito says

    The model Y is already being produced. First deliveries are for March. And the record of the Porsche was also with a prototype so oh well .. and you can’t get the Porsche this year if you order now.

    • Felixff says

      @crepito: I read a lot of excuses from a Tesla fan … The fact is that Tesla has to get the craziest frills out of the closet in order to reach the Porsche. Even if they finally win, Porsche could probably easily go over it. Only Mr. Musk’s ego is somewhat larger than that of Porsche.

  15. sjors99 says

    Nice nonsense this “I have the longest” race.
    It is a shame that autoblog hints at such a preference. At IAA I was in Porsche and yes, in the front the car is more premium than my Model Sā€¦ (in the back you hardly fit in that porsche)
    They are 2 cars that are actually not competing with each other. (Maybe the roadster in the future)

    Let everyone choose their own brand, and the numbers can finish it.

  16. Felixff says

    “Incidentally, the Taycan Turbo S again humiliated the Model S in this” independent “test. The country of origin seems to play a role. “
    Techzle is always good at writing sarcastic articles, but why don’t they perform such a test themselves?

  17. alphapeter says

    I do not believe that it is even one potential buyer who is interested in how fast an electric car crosses the ring. This is only about some publicity. Things like range, charging time and battery life will be decisive. Let the haters and fans discuss that, preferably somewhere else than here.

  18. jeroenm83 says

    Sigh …. people who have such a Model 3 (own, yes?) And call this M3 … .. do you also call a Model S MS? The CT as a pick-up later, too?

  19. mpgc says

    I don’t understand Tesla. What Tesla has achieved is impressive. After all these years, the Model S is still a benchmark in many respects. Instead of being self-aware and proud of what you have achieved and where you stand with your company, you want to compete with Porsche. With a heavily modified prototype of a model that is never meant to be a sports car, trying to break the ring time of the Porsche looks more childish than it boosts your image. Even if it works. Anyway, the CEO of this company often makes special decisions. See for example the mini dive boat incident šŸ˜„

  20. harrie says

    Would be nice if the Cybertruck will soon be faster than the Taycan.

  21. 3246cm252kw says

    It’s not about going fast in a soapbox. The Porsche is a lot more luxurious and no comparison with that moving American iPad.

  22. beetle says

    In itself interesting but good, we live in times when excesses and above all wastage is questioned, it is clear how hypes should be maintained here. Almost like the little boy who can’t admit that his brother jumps a few cm further. If Musk & co really had a CO2 and eco-sensitive conscience, they would ignore this kind of nonsense and clearly set the priority – not performance but “as the first to go over the symbolic 1000km range” with more efficiency in batteries, engines, streamline etc .. That would already make more impression for me.

  23. al69 says

    If Tesla really wants to prove itself against the established ICE order, why don’t they participate in real motorsports? Le Mans, DTM, Dakar …

  24. speedster72 says

    If they tap the slots of the frunk for aerodynamics, it will probably go a few seconds faster on the ring. You would almost want to press it, as if it is not properly closed.


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