Tesla Model 3 crashes hard, sets bed on fire with battery

Tesla Model 3 crash

Can’t start a fire… Can’t start a fire without a spark… This Tesla Model 3 crashed at high speed and wreaked havoc on local residents.

Tesla have good and bad points. We already talked about the less good ones yesterday, but safety for occupants is a relatively strong point of Tesla’s. An opportunity pearl in America has just thoroughly tested whether this reputation is justified with its Tesla Model 3. The incident took place in the town of Corvallis in picturesque Oregon, the state that everyone from California moves to when it gets too dry and arid there.


Klapperrrrrrr of the week

The EV has made quite a hit, because the car has crashed through two trees and ironically also hit an electricity pole. Authorities estimate that the driver was driving about 100 miles per hour when things went completely wrong. As can be seen in the photos, the Model 3 shattered. Cells from the battery and other parts of the car were thrown far from the crash.

cell tesla

Bed just like that, on fire

So much so that they ended up in the homes of a number of local residents. One of the very hot cells ended up in someone’s bed and set it ablaze. Another local resident was thrown into a cell. One of the Model 3’s wheels bore through a wall of an apartment complex and hit the water pipes, flooding the whole thing.

Collect loose batteries

On the pictures you can see the loose batteries everywhere. The local police indicate that it has collected them as much as possible, but calls on residents to also clean up any remaining batteries. However, whether many people are enthusiastic about this is the question. It has been neatly added that the battery cells can remain hot for 24 hours and also emit toxic fumes. Well great.

pick up batteries

No serious injuries

Miraculously, the do-gooder behind the wheel of the Model 3 survived the accident without serious injuries. Indeed a safe thing so such a Model 3. At least as long as you are in it and can get out before things get done. Nevertheless, the best man was taken to hospital for a while, where he was charged with driving under the influence of drugs, an old-fashioned Hit and Run, Criminal Mischief 2, Reckless Driving and Reckless Endangerment.


  1. hay says

    Doesn’t matter, you would get such a hot battery thrown in your lap. But the fact that that man can tell it is a small wound!

  2. RR Robert says

    In fact, that driver should have been charged with causing a serious environmental offense.

  3. Simon Mc says

    Yep, you could set your clock that this article was going to appear here.


  4. moveyourmind says

    It is to Tesla’s credit that they use free range batteries.


  5. monsieurleloure says

    NCAP score can go to 7 stars, which is great that a newcomer scores so well on safety.
    Rather that than straight panelgabs (what a shitty word)


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Tesla Model 3 crashes hard, sets bed on fire with battery

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